Boys soccer advances to the championship

With a 2-0 win over Derby HS in the state semifinals, the boys soccer team will advance to the state championship game tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.

Liz Kuhlmann and Holly Noon

As the boy’s soccer team took the field during the state semifinal game against Derby HS earlier tonight, head coach Rick Pribyl said there was fear in the air. The team had been to the semifinals for the past two years, and both year’s ended up in a loss that led to a third or fourth place finish. However, the team needn’t have worried; when the final whistle blew BVNW lead Derby HS 2-0 which earned them the opportunity to compete in the state championship game tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.

“I wasn’t worried about winning a trophy or anything,” Pribyl said. “I just wanted the boys to have the opportunity to have this experience. Our boys and girls teams have each won three state championships and each one is special. Right now, this one is extremely special.”

The first half of the game was uneventful as neither team scored. Senior Ian Arch said the game was scrappy, and in the beginning the Huskies played too fast with too much energy to control the game. However, in the second half when they slowed things down and began to pass better, good things happened. With 9:20 left in the game, Arch scored a goal on a layoff from senior Sam Taylor; and junior Trevor Kerns followed suit with the last goal of the night with 8:32 to go in the game.

“I wasn’t really thinking anything when I scored,” Arch said. “It was the perfect layoff from [Taylor]. I practice that a lot, so I just went through what we did in practice and it paid off. I was just really excited and started running. It was great.”

Arch believes building up the midfield was the team’s greatest strength this game, and although they came away with a win, he said in order to succeed tomorrow they will need to improve on tracking and marking their man.

Pribyl adds that part of the reason the team was so successful tonight was because they kept the ball on the ground and passed well. The Huskies wore Derby down, Pribyl said, and followed through with the game plan.

“[Tomorrow] I’m most looking forward to enjoying a soccer game,” Pribyl said. “I love the game and I have passion for the game. I won’t have to say a word to the boys tomorrow because they will be ready.”

“We made a few mistakes, but overall did really well,” Arch said. “I’m just so excited for tomorrow. I’ve never been in a state championship before. I’m just happy to be here.”