Football defeats Shawnee Mission South in the first game of districts

The football team defeated SMS in the first game of districts, 35-10.

Sam Vaughn

Brooklynn Langham, Writer

Last night the BVNW Huskies took down and defeated the Shawnee Mission South Raiders with a final score of 35-10.

After and uneventful first quarter that left the score at 0-0, the Raiders finally scored a touchdown at the beginning of the second quarter. Towards the end of the second quarter junior Miles Alexander brought in his first touchdown of the night tying the score at 7-7.

“First half we definitely had some setbacks, second half I think we really picked up,” Alexander said. “We were able to run the ball a lot better and had a lot of key first downs from Jacob [Rominger].”

At the end of the first half the score remained the same of 7-7. The game began picking up pace towards the beginning of the third quarter when Alexander scored his second touchdown of the night, setting the score at 14-7 Huskies. Quickly after, the Raiders scored a field goal raising their score to 10, and at the end of the third quarter the score remained 14-10, Huskies.

In the midst of the fourth and final quarter Alexander scored the team a third touchdown and soon after senior Kareem Wilson scored BVNW another touchdown, raising the score to 28-10 Huskies.

“I’m just happy that I could help my team,” Alexander said. “I’m happy Kareem [Wilson] was able to get in and get a big touchdown towards the end too.”

With only 16 seconds left in the game senior Jaqwan Stone scored the teams last touchdown of the night, leaving the score at 35-10 Huskies. Although the team came out with a win, Alexander said there are still some things the team can work to improve on.

“We still had a few penalties, and we need to start out a lot stronger,” Alexander said. “We were a lot better than last week, other than that I think we did pretty well.”

Head coach Mike Zegunis agrees with Alexander that they are happy with a win. Zegunis said that the team doesn’t panic when things don’t go their way, but there is still some things that need to be improved.

“Tonight in the first half it just didn’t seem like it was clicking for us, we just couldn’t really get in the rhythm,” Zegunis said. “Hopefully they just keep getting better, we got the win, were happy with it, but we didn’t play great football. We weren’t as sharp as we would have liked to have been”

Besides the needed improvements, last nights game was a big win for the team with a big point spread, Alexander said. The game was the first game of district, and if the team wins the next two games they will be headed to the playoffs. Last night’s game put the Huskies in a good position to do well in the weeks to come, Zegunis said.

“We’re off to a good start, we have two more games so by no means are we in, but we’ve done the best that we could possibly do tonight by winning with the point difference we did,” Zegunis said. “That’s always your goal every year, to put yourself in a position where your team can play in November and have a chance at playing for a state championship.”

Overall, the Huskies played a well-rounded game of football against a difficult opponent and came out with a big win, senior Nate Johnson said.

“We played really well, we handled a lot of adversity tonight and we had a good opponent,” Johnson said. “We played like a team, we played for each other and we came out with a win.”