Football defeats Blue Valley Southwest in Homecoming game

Huskies won the Homecoming football game on Oct. 11 against BVSW, 37-26.

Kaitlyn Styve and Taylor Cowell


Maddison Barley

Senior Jacob Rominger hands the ball off to junior Miles Alexander.

Avery Mojica, Writer

Blue Valley Northwest hosted the annual Homecoming football game against Blue Valley Southwest tonight at the DAC. The Huskies went on to defeat BVSW, 37-26. With this win, the football team improves their record to 4-2.

BVSW scored the first touchdown of the night but failed to earn an extra point on a punt with 5:31 left in the first quarter. The Timberwolves scored again with 9:36 left in the half, allowing for a 0-13 lead. Moments later, the Huskies retaliated with two touchdowns from junior running back Miles Alexander at the 6:19 and 2:14 minute marks. Going into half time, the Huskies managed a narrow lead, 14-13.

During half time, senior Calen Lawrence was crowned Homecoming Queen.

In the second half, Alexander scored another touchdown with five minutes to go in the third quarter, lengthening the Huskies lead to 21-13. Neither team scored again until the 4th quarter, when the Huskies scored yet again with 10 minutes left to play. However, BVSW’s Johnny Dunlap retaliated with a touchdown of his own on a near 65 yard return, making the score BVNW 28 BVSW 20. After failing to convert on four downs, the Huskies punted and left the Timberwolves positioned at their one yard line. During the first play of the drive, senior Vince Fritz sacked BVSW’s quarterback in his end zone for a safety. With the ball back at their 30, the Husky offense scored for the last time on a drive into the end zone, making the score 37-20 with 2 minutes to play. However, BVSW did not give up and worked their way back up the field so score the final touchdown of the night with 45 seconds remaining.

Alexander ran the ball for a total of 303 yards and scored three touchdowns during the game.

“I thought the offense did great, like they always do,” Alexander said. “They opened up a lot of holes for me. We could really do anything we wanted.”

Head coach Mike Zegunis was proud of the win that the team pulled off, but said there were areas the team needs to improve on.

“There were some great performances,” Zegunis said. “I do know that it’s embarrassing to get penalized, but as much as we did, that was something that kind of fits. Even with the last few weeks though, we’ve been getting better at that. To go back to making a lot of mistakes that we can definitely control is not a good thing.”

Aside from the penalties, Zegunis mentioned that there were also positive aspects of the team’s play.

“[The team] never gave up,” Zegunis said. “We got off to a real bad start, but we didn’t let that stop us.”