Bishop Miege Defeats BVNW


Ankit Kadakia, Writer

The BVNW girls varsity basketball team played Bishop Miege at a home game. At the end of the first quarter, the game was tied 14-14. After many turnovers, free throws and baskets, Bishop Miege took the lead making the score 19-39. At the end of the third quarter, Bishop Miege still had the lead with a score of 26-64. At the end of the game, Bishop Miege defeated BVNW 36-78.

According to BVNW head coach, David Glenn, he thought the game started out alright in the first quarter, but as the game progressed the girls got tired and did not do as well in the remainder of the game.

“To become better, we are going to do the same thing we do everyday,” Glenn said. “We’re going to take a look at our goals and see what we can to do improve them. The strength on our team is the focus on what we are doing, and not the focus on all the outcomes. The weakness is it’s a new group, and this was the first game. We are still figuring out who does what.”

BVNW shooting guard and senior Brittany Odom said the team has a lot to improve on.

“[The game] wasn’t out best,” Odom said. “We are capable of doing a lot better than we did. Next time we are going to come out harder and win.”