Natasha’s funky fre$h tunes: Week five

This week’s songs come from a mix of hip hop and R&B genres, forming one playlist meant to get you feeling a little unorthodox. Before you go out with friends this weekend, get in touch with your teen angst and blast these while you aren’t around your mom.



*Songs are explicit and may include words offensive to some listeners.


Some Kind of Drug by G-Eazy

I would like to start by saying G-Eazy really means a lot to me. As an artist, I see him on the threshold of two very different aesthetics – one with a much tamer, mainstream alternative vibe like in “Let’s Get Lost,” and “Everything Will Be OK” and the other quite the opposite, where his bad boy heart runs free, like in “I Mean It” and “You Got Me.” This one leans more toward the former, but is what I would consider the perfect balance of Mark E. Blassy’s R&B chorus and G-Eazy’s rap interludes. This song puts me in a Studio City hotel with lots of rich, young people and champagne.

All My Friends by Snakehips

Snakehips’ general style is more electronic, very similar to Bondax, but this song encompasses subtle R&B and alternative influences as well. This one is going to make you want to put your arms way above your head and get you in the mood to take on a night of adventure.

Telegraph Ave by Childish Gambino

This is the perfect song to listen to when you’re on your way somewhere one night this weekend. I advise you to not actually “pass all the red lights and the stop signs,” but maybe pretend you’re flying by in a Mercedes on the way to meet your squad.  

Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean

I’m sure I’m not the only one who listens to the lyrics and wonders if Frank Ocean wrote this song about Johnson County. And I’m also sure I’m not the only one wondering if he’s ever going to come out with that new album he keeps pushing back. Frank Ocean has a smooth voice that feels a little bit like soul, and he works with Earl Sweatshirt to add an edge to the song. This makes me feel like I’m a wild 15 year-old living in Beverly Hills in the center of a really bumpin’ social scene.

Cocoa Butter Kisses by Chance the Rapper

First things first: why is Chance the Rapper not on Spotify? I was hesitant to put him on here if I couldn’t embed his song to the post, but I decided the song is too important. He has such a unique voice and lyrics that give this an unexplainable eclectic aesthetic. This is the kind of song you sing along to alone as you’re putting on your makeup before going out.

(I’ve downloaded this song elsewhere first in order to put it on this Spotify playlist, so to listen to it, you either need to download it on your computer or go to YouTube.)

Own it by Drake

I’m in a black leather jacket, black skinny jeans struttin’ into the most poppin’ event in town. Drake in general, but especially this song, makes you feel like the world and the night are yours for the taking.

Work by Rihanna

You could listen to this on the way to your minimum wage job this weekend to get you inspired to succumb to capitalism, or you could listen to it as you’re workin’ it on the dancefloor. You may not have any idea what she’s saying in the song, but you can still get down.