Shirts off, sweaters on

The best time to wear an oversized sweater is all the time.


Finding Endorphins and Cara Brashears

Spongebob says, and many of you probably agree, that the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time. But who wants to wear that sweater if it’s tight and itchy? Not me. Probably not Patrick.

So call me a typical girl, but as colder weather begins to set in, my wardrobe explodes with long cardigans and XL sweatshirts. There’s nothing I love more about fall than curling up in leggings and a knit sweater that practically reaches my knees. Some call it the homeless look, but I call it the I’m-cold-and-I-don’t-care ensemble. Besides, big sweaters are those permanent cuddle buddies that don’t snore, make your arm fall asleep or break up with you. They’re crop-top Snuggies without the annoying commercials.

Sweatshirts too hot to sleep in? Go throw on a 2XL old t-shirt as a nightgown.  You’ll forget your outfit is made of cotton and think you’re wrapped up in a cloud. Try going through the night without pulling your arms inside the sleeves and rolling up in a ball – I bet you can’t. 

And yes, I do buy a majority of my crewnecks and huge tees at thrift stores like Goodwill or Savers. WHAT? THAT’S GROSS! Is it, fellow Johnson County kids? Is it really? You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to wash clothes before wearing them. Plus, my four dollars get way more bang for my buck than a $200 North Face or $40 Vineyard Vines shirt (Not that they’re not comfortable, but really? That much money for a kindergartener’s small whale sketch?).

Even though I respect Spongebob’s favored stripes, any pattern of cloth will do. As long as it’s oversized and comfortable, shirt-shaped blankets will take over my fashion for the next few months.