Large or small, you can’t have it all


Morgan Lewis, Sports Coordinator

Adults talk about high school a lot, but no event more than prom. They remember and laugh about the fun memories they shared with their friends during this dance. Prom is considered to be a major milestone in high school, but we have to ask ourselves if it is worth hurting people to make it special. I am one of the lucky people who has the opportunity to go to prom three times, but as a current junior, this is my first real prom, because it is the first time I am allowed to go without being asked by someone older. Last year, I felt as though my group didn’t have any drama, even with a big group of 50 people, but this year a small group has caused a multitude of problems. I have personally heard countless stories of drama between friends in different groups because of the amount of people or petty disagreements. School dances are meant to be fun – not for friends to turn against each other.

My group last year had two girls who didn’t have dates and nothing was wrong; everyone still had fun and they had a good time. People who do not have dates should not be excluded from those who do. Prom is supposed to be a dance for upperclassmen, so the majority of the school only gets two proms –  why deny people the chance to be with their friends when they often only experience this twice? Prom can be enjoyed in any way, it just depends on what individuals decide and no one else should have the right to stop them.

Group chats are a common way to organize prom groups, as my group has done. There was a long debate about whether some people who are friends with half the group should be added or not. There is no evidence to justify the exclusion of people and there is no reason to do it. Large groups can be fun, so what’s the issue? The issue was solved in my group with a simple split of people down the middle for two smaller and even groups. Now, everything is worked out and the people are happy with the solution.

Prom is meant to be a carefree and fun time for people to look good and enjoy themselves, not to be an opportunity for people to take advantage of others or try to be the person in charge. It is a time for juniors and seniors to enjoy a dance that they have waited two years for. Juniors, you should get to enjoy this prom because you are finally an upperclassman and can enjoy a dance that is meant to be more mature. Seniors, this is your last prom, so why make it a struggle? Just enjoy the dance and everything surrounding it because you won’t get this experience ever again. This is the dance you want to remember, so make it special.