Sports aren’t for scholarships

Sports arent for scholarships

Morgan Lewis, Writer

In many peoples’ eyes, a big way to pay for college is through playing sports. This may be a good option for some students, however many are forced into continuing with a sport they no longer find enjoyment in. Athletics are often pushed upon students who show promise in competing at the collegiate level.

I play volleyball, a growing sport in many colleges throughout the United States, and my teammates, coaches and friends have pushed me to pursue the sport at a higher level. While I have chosen to stick with my dream, not everyone has the love for their sport that I do. I have faced pressure from others saying that I should not quit. My coach and teammates are pushing me to believe that I have a chance to play volleyball at a higher, collegiate level.

Although my parents have been supportive in whatever decision I make, parents are usually the culprits of forcing students into a sport just to reduce the high cost of college. It can hurt someone more by forcing them to continue playing than letting them focus on something they actually enjoy.

I have only recently joined the world of recruiting, and I have learned that so much has to fall into place for someone to be considered to play for any colleges. The year someone graduates is huge in the process, because certain positions are open only if someone graduates college the same year as the prospective athlete would enter college. For example, if the university I want to go to has a middle in volleyball already signed for 2017 -the year I graduate- there is no easy way for me to play for that team in that college. The school also has to like what they see in the athlete, including their grades. Attending a university simply for athletics is not a good idea for most people.

Students should not be pressured into a school solely based on athletics. Academics and other things are important in making a decision on what college to attend. Others cannot dictate what students do with their future. Nobody has the right to force you into something you do not want to do just for the amount of money you may get. Your future is your choice.