Increased police presence due to shots being fired Wednesday night

There was an increased police presence Thursday at BVNW following gunfire in the DAC parking lot Wednesday night.


Rachel Sarff

OP Police Officers and SRO Officer Anthony Garcia stand outside the school Thursday morning during arrival.

Ethan Knauth, Editor in Chief

Due to an non-injury shooting in the DAC parking lot around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday night, there was an increased police presence at the school Thursday, according to an email sent to the BVNW community by Principal Amy Pressly. There were reports of shots being fired, according to the email, and the Overland Park Police Department is still investigating the matter.

The incident involved former and current BV District students, Pressly said, and no injuries were reported. In addition, the incident occurred after the conclusion of all after-school activities. Pressly said she understands its hard to hear about dangerous activity in one’s community.

“We understand that hearing about dangerous activity in our neighborhood on any day or any time of the week is concerning,” Pressly said via email. “Thank you to the Overland Park Police Department for their quick response and helping keep our campus and neighborhoods safe.”

All suspects involved in the incident have been apprehended, according to SRO Officer Richard Spandle. Spandle also added that even though the issue has been resolved, the increased police presence served as an extra precaution.

“Although we have all the information to say we’re safe and everything has been stabilized, people want to see us here in force,” Spandle said.