Blue Valley District proposes 2020 bond issue

Blue Valley School District proposes bond issue for January vote.


Maddie Beischel

Deputy Superintendent Mike Slagle (left) looks on as incoming Superintendent Tonya Merrigan (right) answers questiosn about the bond issue.

Nick Swyden, Melanie Wilkins

Ethan Knauth, Editor in Chief

Blue Valley School District officials announced the proposal of a bond issue for 2020 at a press conference earlier today. Incoming Superintendent Tonya Merrigan and Deputy Superintendent Mike Slagle presented details of the bond issue. Highlights of the bond include:

  • The Blue Valley School District is asking for almost $187 million from residents within the BVSD boundary.
  • This bond will not increase the tax rate. If one’s property appreciates, their taxes will go up, according to Slagle
  • Ballots will be mailed to residents within BVSD boundaries on Jan. 8, 2020 and ballots will be due by Jan. 28 at noon. The Blue Valley School District only needs a majority for the bond issue to pass
  • Residents above the age of 18, including high school students, will be able to register to vote on the bond issue by Dec. 27
  • The money acquired from the bond issue will be put to use by improving current school equipment, upgrading safety and constructing new things, such as a new Elementary school and adding Auxiliary gyms in the three oldest high schools

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