Art students and teachers travel to France and Spain

Teachers Chris LaValley and Melanie Mikel recently traveled with a group students from the art department to Spain and France.

Side-street of Figures, Spain on June 12.

Ethan Knauth and Lola Shipman

With the goal of viewing many of the famous artworks Europe has to offer, teachers Chris LaValley and Melanie Mikel took a group of 15 students from the art department to Spain and France, from June 5 to June 15. The group stopped in Paris, Provence and Barcelona to tour museums and sightsee.

Similar to years past, the educational art trip was not sponsored by BVNW nor the district and was instead funded by the students. As a National Art Honors Society member and incoming senior, Zoe Vincent said she enjoyed the museums the group was able to go to, saying that the Musée D’Orsay was her favorite museum they visited.

“In Paris, the D’Orsay is easily my most favorite museum in the whole world,” Vincent said. “It’s incredible because you can see all of these impressionist pieces. It was insane.”

After three days in Paris, they went to Provence, a region in southern France. They ended their trip in Barcelona. In each place the group were able to view various artwork in different museums, such as the Lourve, the Picasso house, and Gaudi museum.

While the group was able to analyze various types of artwork displayed in each country, Mikel said they were also able to climb the Eiffel Tower and see Notre Dame.

This trip was Mikel’s eighth time taking students to Europe in her 18 years of teaching art. Mikel said she plans to take another group of students to Italy in 2020.

Another student who went on the trip, incoming senior Katie Henry, said the trip will help her in her pursuit of an art career in college.

“I got to learn more about art history in depth,” Henry said. “I’m planning on pursuing art in college, possibly doing film and art education.”

Mikel said not only did the trip provide a possibility for her students and herself to view storied artwork, but it also gave them an opportunity to bond.

“This was such a fun group of students,” Mikel said. “I had the best time sharing the places and the artists I love with our art students.”