Dazzlers celebrate dance national championship

In an assembly after seventh hour, the Dazzlers presented administration with their national championship trophy.

Ben Brown and Jaelen Matthews

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For the first time in Blue Valley Northwest history, the Dazzler Dance Team brought home a National Dance Alliance Championship for medium-varsity contemporary jazz. At the end of the school day Wednesday, the Dazzlers performed their winning routine for students and staff during an assembly and presented the administration with the trophy.

Senior Camille Sturdivant said the program’s past success set the stage for the team to win the national championship.

“Our alumni kind of helped pave the way for us to get where we are,” Sturdivant said.

The Dazzlers traveled to Orlando, Fla. to compete in the NDA National Championships from March 2-4. The dance team competed in both hip-hop and contemporary jazz throughout the weekend.

The team qualified for finals March 4 in both dances. They entered the finals in first place for their contemporary jazz routine.

In the finals, the Dazzlers were able to maintain first place to secure the first national championship for a dance team in the school district’s history, according to the dancers. Along with a first place finish in jazz, the team also placed seventh for their hip-hop routine.  Junior and captain Caitlyn Krebs, said she was thrilled with winning at the national-level.

“We literally all screamed as soon as we knew what happened,” Krebs said. “We were super excited as it’s been something we’ve worked on all year.”

Carley Fine, the team’s coach and a Dazzler alum, said she was proud of the team for keeping their composure on a big stage.

“They didn’t let nerves get the best of them,” Fine said. “Last year it was hard dealing with the pressure and stuff, but this year they did really good. I felt like they had one of their best performances for each routine.”

With a historical finish for the Dazzlers, Fine said she is excited for the team.

“It was the perfect team, the perfect year,” Fine said. “I had a feeling that it was going to be our time.”