New Dazzler dance coach announced

New Dazzler coach Jennifer Waters visited BVNW to introduce herself to the team.


Natasha Vyhovsky, Editor-in-Chief

During first hour today, the Dazzler dance team was introduced to their new head coach, Jennifer Waters.

Waters graduated from Oklahoma City University with a degree in Dance Performance, where she was also a member of the college dance team. In addition to spending time dancing professionally in New York City, she also has teaching experience with classes and workshops in Kansas, Missouri and Florida.

Waters said that while searching for jobs in the dance field, she was initially drawn to the position because she found videos of the Dazzlers performing.

“[The Dazzlers] were great, and I was really hoping to be able to work with some fantastic dancers,”  Waters said.

Today was Waters’ first time meeting the girls. She said she hopes to take the dancers to new performances and competitions, with the goal of improving their skills beyond where they are now.

“My first impression of the girls is they all seem really sweet and very welcoming,” Waters said. “I’m really excited…to work with the girls, get to know them, and make them even better dancers than they already are.”