Graduate Austin Klein wins KC Superstar

2015 graduate Austin Klein took first place in the local singing competition KC Superstar last night. This was the third year in a row a BVNW student won the competition.

Emma Bruce, Features Editor

2015 graduate Austin Klein won the 2015 KC Superstar competition at Johnson County Community College Sunday night. With getting first place in the local singing competition, Klein was awarded $10,000 in scholarship money. His brother, Keith Klein, won the previous year’s competition.

Klein said he went into the competition unsure of his chances to win.

“My style of singing is not necessarily conventional,” Klein said. “I didn’t know if I was what they were looking for, or if I would even make it to the semifinals.”

Despite Klein’s brother Keith winning previously, Klein said their relationship was downplayed, because he did not want people to have a reason to discredit him as a singer and competitor. He said his experience was not different from any of the other competitors.

“I had sort of watched [my brother] from a distance last year,” Klein said.  “I went and saw the finals live; I saw him perform up on that same stage, so it was interesting getting both perspectives, both from the audience and a performer.”

Klein said he was happy with the way his performance went and was glad to be able to experience working with the other competitors.

“I’m really proud of the way I performed on the stage and how I left everything out there,” Klein said. “It was just a joy to be able to perform with the nine other finalists, because they’re all such incredibly talented singers, and through the rehearsal process they kind of became my family.”

He said he considers himself lucky to be able to continue in the competition as far as he did.

“The whole experience has been tremendous and winning was just a small part of what has been a life changing experience for me,” Klein said.