Dazzlers to perform in annual spring show

BVNW’s Dazzler dance team will perform in the Dazzlers’ Amazing Race show tonight and tomorrow.

Olivia Baird, Opinion Editor

After months of rehearsal and preparation, the Dazzler dance team will showcase a variety of dances in their annual spring show, the Dazzlers’ Amazing Race, tonight and tomorrow at 7 in the PAC.

Viewers can expect to see the 13 Dazzler dance team members perform in various groups and small ensembles. Teacher Sarah Derks, the Mazzlers and the BVNW drumline will make appearances in the show as well.

The show’s emcees, juniors Aaron Cheng and Noah Campin, and seniors Miles Alexander, Sean Coady and Charlie Anderson, will perform skits in between the dances, taking place in the 26th season of the Amazing Race.

Junior captain Alexa Webber said the team began planning the theme and rehearsing for the show in February. The themes for the shows were proposed by the team captains and coaches, and the whole team voted on which theme they liked best.

“In February we started out just choreographing our dances, and then gradually, beginning right after spring break, we started actually putting the show together, getting costumes and working with the emcees to make a story line and how they want to be in the show,” Webber said. “At practices now as the show is getting closer we just run the show and the coaches give us feedback.”

Head coach Andrea Smith said she hopes the team and the audience enjoys their performance. Webber added that the team is very prepared after months of rehearsal.

“It’s always a really great feeling to perform since we’ve worked on this for so long,” Webber said.

Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for adults, and they will be sold tomorrow at lunch as well as at the door of the show tonight and tomorrow.