Faculty and staff members say goodbye

Natasha Vyhovsky, Editor-in-Chief

Nineteen BVNW faculty and staff members have announced they will not be returning for the 2015-16 school year, as of June 1. We will update the list as more names are confirmed.

BVNW will combine the part-day position of transition specialist in the Special Education Department (SPED) with a part-day position as a Learning Center teacher. The combined position will be filled by SPED teacher Christie Mead. BVNW will also bring in a new SPED teacher to fill Mead’s current position.

Matt Crowe (PARA) – finished degree and took a job in the area of his degree

Sharon Fancher (In-School Suspension)

Peggy Fuller (Exploring Health Professions) – moving to BVSW

JaDonne Gyswyt (leaving the district)

Stephanie Heady (Social Studies, Debate) – getting married and moving out of the area.

Chris Legleiter (assistant principal) – has been named the assistant principal at Harmony Middle School

Grace Long (PARA) – joining AmeriCorps

Jacob Macek (PARA) – taking a teaching job in another part of Kansas

Christie Mead (SPED) – BVHS

Elizabeth O’Brien (ELA) – moving to BVN

Kathy Peres (Business, Marketing, Dawg House) – moving to BVHS

Sandy Persyn (SPED) – moving to BV Academy

Caitlin Rose (Latin) – Moving

John Selzer (Band) – Retiring

Lauren Simpson (Business) – moving to BVN

Rochelle Spicer (SPED) – moving to another district in Kansas

Bob Thesman (Counseling) – Retiring

Bryan Wasek (Long-term substitute)

Courtney Weber (Junior class administrative intern) – moving to Shawnee Mission