Selzer announces resignation

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Selzer announces resignation

Greyson Woerpel, Sports Editor

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Band director John Selzer announced his plans of retirement Thursday after working at BVNW for nine years.

Both Selzer and band member senior Lily Bredemeier agree that the togetherness and sense of family is what make Northwest’s band one of a kind. Bredemeier said the sense of family is the band’s best characteristic.

“We always talk about how we are a band family,” Bredemeier said. “We have had so many kids go through so many struggles this past year alone and I really think we have grown together. I really hope the kids stay in band because I know that [Selzer] is a big part of why you want to stay in band.”

The acceptance that happens in the band room is also an important factor into Northwest’s band Selzer said. He said there is a place in the band program that belongs to everyone.

“We have lots and lots of different kinds of people in our band,” Selzer said. “Every one of them will say that they feel like they have found a home, that they get treated like family.”

For Bredemeier, she said she loved Selzer’s love for not only the band but the people who made up the band. She said he has made her a better person and the things he has taught her will carry on not only throughout the band but throughout her life.

“I know he would drop everything to go help somebody,” Bredeneier said. “He is just such a people person. We call him dad and that’s why. He has high expectations for me because he knows that I can reach them and I can surpass them. He puts others before himself and I think I have taken that from him.”

Selzer’s favorite memory of the band was after one halftime performance at a football game.

The band had just finished their performance and was walking across the track.

“I was on the field picking things up that had fallen off of instruments and uniforms,” Selzer said. “I wasn’t aware of what was going on but what happen was the band was going down the track and they passed in front of the press box. And the drum majors saluted and the parents clapped but then they got to the student body section and the students body stood up and appalled for the marching band. I’d never seen that happen before. I just dropped everything I had in my hands and was like oh my gosh that is so cool. The next day in band I said ‘Do you know who told the student body to stay up and cheer for you?’ and nobody knew. That was my favorite memory.”

Selzer said he is not sure where his path will lead him. He will finish up the remainder of the 2014-2015 school year at BVNW.