I can do that in my school

BVNW Publications and Dawghouse have been running a school-wide promotion for the past month to gather interest in enrollment for broadcast, newspaper, yearbook and school store. Posters with the phrase “I Can Do That in My School” can be seen throughout the school, sparking curiosity from both students and faculty, according to newspaper and yearbook adviser Jim McCrossen.

McCrossen said that he, along with broadcast advisor Kim White and school store adviser Kathy Peres, came up with the idea to market the classes with the phrase“I Can Do That in My School” because a student does not have to leave BVNW to have real-world experiences.

“You can do these [activities] here at Northwest, and they are wonderful learning opportunities,” McCrossen said. “They’re opportunities for [students] to do something that’s very much like an internship in the professional world.”

As a supplement to the posters, the broadcast staff created promotional videos for each class. Husky Headlines executive producer Katie Sullivan said she believes that BVNW publications and Dawghouse are really important to the school and that everybody should at least know what they are.

“In my experience with application classes, they have been an entirely different environment than I have ever experienced in high school and made my high school experience as great as it is,” Sullivan said.

The Dawghouse staff has helped with the marketing aspect of the promotion by printing and hanging up the posters, as well as creating a notebook and pen combo that will be given to parents at enrollment night on Jan. 20. Dawghouse manager Katie Thill said she hopes this promotion will help with enrollment in these classes.

“People are curious and want to know more, and then once they actually see the programs that this school offers, they’ll be more interested,” Thill said. “A lot of the programs offered here help with many future occupations, even if you’re not going into journalism or business or even media.”

The newspaper and yearbook staff have aided in the design aspect of this promotion. The newspaper editors created a brochure for enrollment night, while the yearbook staff designed the posters. Staffs from all groups wore shirts with the slogan, which McCrossen said piqued interest from the BVNW community.

“Enrollment for our areas has decreased slightly over the last few years, and that’s one of the things we’re trying to combat,” McCrossen said. “We want to make sure the students understand that they can do some wonderful things that benefit their future, and do it here at Northwest.”

BVNW Publications and Dawghouse teach students many real-word skills that they may not gain in a regular class setting, according to McCrossen.

“[All students need to know how to] write, they need to know how to gather information and they need to know how to present that to other people succinctly; they need to be able to problem-solve, they need to be able to meet deadlines,” McCrossen said. “Those are just some of the things that I think are really good about these courses.”

To view the videos that the Husky Headlines staff produced about these courses, go here.