Annual Multicultural Festival a success

Madison Graves, Business Manager

Walking into Blue Valley North High School, Blue Valley families are welcomed with the echoing sound of ethnic drums and a mix of traditional meals from all over the world. Thursday night, BVN hosted the 10th annual Multicultural Festival. Approximately 400 people showed up to tour the booths set up from almost 50 different countries around the world.

The festival was originally a way for English as a Second Language (ESL) families to learn about the Blue Valley Community. After about five or six years, the festival was altered so that Blue Valley families could view other cultures of the people in their community.

“We hope for Blue Valley people to come so they can see all these amazing cultures and amazing people who live right next door to them,” co-chairman of the event Rhonda Hassig said. “[Families] can bring their artifacts and their food and wear their native dress and show off their culture.”

According to Hassig, there are over 60 languages spoken within Blue Valley. She said the purpose of the Multicultural Festival was to give Blue Valley families an opportunity to show off their culture, as well as teach others and learn about other cultures.

Elton Dye, a 10 year old student who was born in Zambia, set up his own booth at the festival. Dye said he enjoyed getting to try fun rituals and games from other countries.

“[People] get to see different cultures,” Dye said. “You get to see stuff from all over the world.”

Hassig said her favorite part was the children and seeing them dress in their native clothes and get to show off their culture.

“All of these people are so proud of their culture,” Hassig said. “That’s what makes it so impactful.”