Walk to REbeL a success

The Walk to REbeL was hosted at BVNW this morning and attracted over 700 registrants.

Natasha Vyhovsky, Writer

The fourth annual Walk to REbeL took place at 9 a.m. this morning around BVNW with a course that followed Switzer and returned to the school after three miles. With around 750 participants this year, REbeL sponsor Carolyn Potter said the event was a tremendous success compared to the previous years.

“The Walk was a wonderful event this year,” Potter said. “The weather was absolutely perfect, we had a ton of walkers, people were really excited and into [the walk] so we think it was a really effective event.”

The event consisted of many activities besides the walk itself. There was a version of a photo booth, called the “Photo Bus”, face painting, food, music and a tent designated for REbeL’s signature whiteboard pictures.

Sophomore Reeva Date, a second year REbeL member, spent the walk “cheerleading” for walkers along the side of the course. Date said the event was especially fun because the walkers were more excited about the event than she had anticipated.

“It’s a lot better [than last year] considering its not raining, and it’s a lot warmer weather, everyone’s in a better mood…and population-wise, there’s twice as many people that showed up this time,” Date said.

Potter said that REbeL members have been working with the Walk coordinating team all year to prepare for the event. Throughout the year, members have done various things to prepare for the walk, including getting sponsors and making signs. A lot of the members arrived early at 6 a.m. to set up or stayed after the Walk to clean.

Potter said she enjoys seeing the club’s hard work pay off and watching the whole event come together.

“My very favorite part of the Walk is to see all of the REbeL members get here early and they’re excited and they are pumped up and energetic,” Potter said. “It’s just really motivating for me to see all of the hard work that they put into this and see how many people come out to support them and support Rebel’s message.”

The Walk to REbeL initiated four years ago by BVNW students who managed to get about 300 registrants the first year. The event is held at BVNW, however, it is hosted to celebrate the accomplishments of all the REbeL chapters, so members from schools all around the area joined today’s event.

“I think it was a really good mix of students from all of the REbeL chapters,” Potter said. “I think the BVNW students did a great job of coming out…and also just community members.”

Walk to REbeL participant, sophomore Vibha Agarwal, has attended the walk for the past three years.

“I really appreciate the fact that REbeL promotes good body image and that everyone can feel comfortable about who they are,” Agarwal said.

According to Agarwal, she anticipates participating in the Walk again next year for the good food and the walk itself. She believes the event continues to grow in it’s popularity and message.

“I think every year it grows a little bit and it’s really improving every year,” Agarwal said.”You can see that more and more people are being affected by the good messages that are sent out by REbeL.”

To Date, the Walk to REbeL holds a meaning that is more important than the food, the face painting and the pictures. She will continue to organize and attend the walk as a member because of the positive message it promotes.

“[The Walk] means just being okay with your body because everyone has something that they would like to change [about themselves], and at this walk, everyone’s here, you are what you are,  you’ve just got to live it and you’ve got to enjoy it,” Date said.

With the Walk to REbeL’s success in attracting more participants this year, Potter said she would like to continue to watch the event gain strength and popularity in the years to come.

“For next year’s walk I would just like to see this continuing to grow and continuing to spread the ‘Rebelution’ because these kids work so hard and I would really love to get more BVNW students involved — specifically in the walk, but also in REbeL.”