Dazzlers perform at annual Spring Show

The Dazzlers performed at their last show of the year Thursday and Friday in the PAC.

Natasha Vyhovsky, Writer

The BVNW Dazzler dance team performed at their annual Spring Show Thursday and Friday at 7 p.m. in the PAC. Along with dances by the team, there was also a performance by the “Mazzlers” and a guest appearance by English teacher Sherry Unruh. With the conclusion of the show, the team recognized five seniors as this was their last dance with the Dazzlers.

“I feel like we did really, really good,” senior Emily Fiola said. “I am really happy that we were able to pull off the Spring Show with only a month of rehearsals after Nationals.”

Dazzler dance coach Andrea Smith said she was very pleased with the team’s performance at the show. After putting in hours of practice before and after school and on weekends, she said the efforts paid off in the dancers’ performance.

Junior Alexa Dolesh said losing five seniors after this year will be especially difficult because the teammates have bonded with one another more and more each practice and performance.

“Losing the seniors is really hard because we are really close with them,” Dolesh said. “As a junior we have danced with them for three years…It’s sad, but they are going on to bigger things and pursuing what they want to do.”

Seniors who will leave the team next year are Carley Fine, Emily Fiola, Kevin Murakami, Lindsey Mehlin and Natalie Pyle.

Senior Kevin Murakami, with tears at the thought of the seniors’ last dance together, said he believes the Dazzlers will continue to be successful next year despite the loss of five senior teammates.

“It’s a little weird, but I know that the team will be just as strong as this year,” Murakami said. “It’s sad to see them go, but I know that I will continue to be their journey for a long time down the road.”

Dolesh and Smith agree that the team needs to work hard next year and improve in order to meet the expectations the school has for them and the expectations they already have for themselves.

“I think that we could step it up a notch for next year just because we have all already been dancing together for a year or longer,” Smith said. “So, if we could just pick up where we are next year, without having to restart, then I think that we can do well next year.”