Upperclassmen attend annual prom presentation

The Think First National Injury Prevention Program visited BVNW today in order to visit with juniors and seniors regarding the importance of making smart decisions

Zach Zelinski, Business Manager/Writer

The junior and senior advisory classes viewed a presentation by Think First National Injury Prevention Program in the PAC Thursday. This presentation discussed the issues of distracted driving and how teenagers need to be more cautious while driving.

The main point that lead speaker Jennie Scheve wanted to get across to the BVNW students was to be cautious about their decisions they make that could significantly impact their lives.

“Before drinking and driving, students should not just think about the consequences from their parents, but for their body,” Scheve said. “One bad decision can change your life forever.”

Madison Cannon described herself as a Voice for Injury Prevention (VIP), sharing her story about how her spinal cord broke while she was in a car with a driver under the influence of alcohol.

Senior Julie Kim said that the presentation was a beneficial reinforcement of the Blue Valley District safety policy and said that the highlight of the presentation was Cannon’s personal story.

“I enjoyed this presentation more than last years because it hit more to home, when the girl (Cannon) told us this really personal story about herself,” Kim said.

When asked about what she thinks students should take away from the presentation, Cannon said don’t be stupid, that’s the bottom line.

“Everybody gets that mentality that this will never happen to me, that’s the kind of thing that happens to somebody else,” Cannon said. “It only takes a second.”