A taste of diversity at Culture Night


Cara Brashears, Online Editor

With streamers and flags from various countries decorating the room, BVNW students gathered in the school atrium to try ethnic foods at Culture Night. The event, hosted by Diversity Club and KAY Club on Nov. 12, brought a variety of dishes, people, and conversations to the tables.

“Culture Night has been a tradition for a couple years now,” said Kay Club’s vice president of communications junior Amy Douglas. “It was originally Diversity Club’s idea, and we decided we would help them with it.┬áThere’s a ton of good food that everyone brings, and I came again this year because last year was a great experience.”

Douglas said she, other KAY Leadership Board members and Diversity Council members took a few weeks to plan and get everything organized for the festivities. After buying endless supplies and spreading the word to countless people, Douglas said she is glad their work paid off.

As a member of both KAY and Diversity Club, senior Ashwini Kamat said she thought it would be interesting to come to Culture Night not only to try the different food, but to socialize with other students she does not usually see.

“It’s a cool opportunity for people of different cultures to share their unique food I’ve never tried before,” Kamat said. “It’s also fun because we just sit around a big table, eat, and we get to talk to people you wouldn’t necessarily normally talk to.”

Douglas agreed, and said the best part about the night was that it was a compilation of the things she loves best: people and food.

“Obviously we all love food…but that love combined with the want to learn about new cultures turned into an awesome party of talking and eating great dishes,” Douglas said.