The bad news on Netflix

A recent downturn in Netflix content quality has caused students to turn to other streaming alternatives.


George Buckley

Senior Ella Lagoski eats popcorn while posing in front of a TV displaying the Netflix logo.

In the past few years, Netflix has seen an influx of popular content being removed and transferred to other streaming platforms. With recent removals of fan-favorite shows and continually raising prices, consumers have started to question the value of their subscriptions. 

Senior Ella Lagoski said she was two seasons into the show Criminal Minds when Netflix removed it in June. Though Netflix has now renewed the show, only twelve out of fifteen seasons are available to stream on the platform. Lagoski instead chose to turn to other streaming platforms. 

“I had to find other ways to watch it, whether it was illegally streaming it or getting a new subscription,” Lagoski said.

Similarly, freshman Sophie Hartley, voiced her unhappiness about the removal of the show Friends from the platform. Hartley said she had to seek alternative streaming services to watch her favorite shows as well. 

“HBO Max carries Friends, and Hulu and HBO have more options than Netflix does,” Hartley said. 

According to senior Ella Lagoski, multiple TV shows have been removed from Netflix before she was able to finish watching them. (George Buckley)

Lagoski said she feels that Netflix should not have removed Criminal Minds due to its popularity among viewers. According to Netflix Junkie, the series was taken off the platform due to its license with CBS expiring.

“I was definitely upset because I was really invested in the show, but they took it off,” Lagoski said.  

Recently, Netflix has been taking off many shows due to licensing contracts and agreements. When a show or movie’s license expires, it means Netflix no longer has the right to stream it. The platform may  choose to renew the deal, however this is not always an option. 

In Hartley’s case, Friends was removed from Netflix in 2019, instead being added to HBO Max when the platform launched in May 2020.

“I was annoyed because I really wanted to finish [Friends] and I didn’t get to see the ending,” Hartley said. 

The list of removed content doesn’t stop there: Gossip Girl, The Office and Psych are a few more examples of the many shows that have been taken off in the past two years alone. 

In addition to this, there are a number of originally-released shows that Netflix has discontinued, meaning no more episodes will be produced. This has also been a cause for discontent among subscribers. Lagoski said she thinks there should be a stronger emphasis on continuing their popular shows.    

“I feel like they should have continued I Am Not Okay with This, because that was really good,” Lagoski said. 

For some students, like Lagoski and Hartley, Netflix’s choices of what to keep and what to ditch have negatively affected their views of the platform. 

“I used to watch [Netflix] more for watching Friends and The Office,” Hartley said. “But now they’re taking off a bunch of my favorite movies [and shows] so I don’t watch it as much.”