Jeremy, Paul, Laura, Lisa, and Lily Bredemeier pose outside their house after they had finished putting up decorations for their Super Bowl party. Feb. 2.
A love like no other
Jonny Isaacson, Sports Editor • November 23, 2020
Senior Mallary Schwarz represents students overwhelmed with school work without
the daily accountability and structure of in-person learning.
The mental mixup
November 19, 2020
Vincent takes notes for her Anatomy class, Sept. 23. Vincent wants to
have a career in art and the medical field.
Art of the body
November 17, 2020
Senior George LaHood shoots and rehearses for his film, “The Man Who Missed, Sept. 24. “I would block a scene, which [meant telling] the actor where to go [and] what to do,” LaHood said.
A wild-western work
November 9, 2020
With the Blue Valley school district’s decision to implement online learning, participating in academic dishonesty during online classes has become easier than ever before.
Cheating through the screen
Raabia Qureshi, Writer • October 30, 2020
Clubs through COVID-19
Clubs through COVID-19
October 26, 2020
Virtual Wellness
Virtual Wellness
May 10, 2020
Nathan Harris (Right) substitutes for another player who had a broken hand. “I was friends with two
members of the team at the time so they reached out without practicing with them at all. I drove to play
with them in Tulsa,” Harris said.
Game on
May 5, 2020

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