Chamber Symphony plays its way into orchestra lineup

BVNW Orchestra adds a Chamber Symphony, the first in Blue Valley.


Ethan Minter

Senior Eva Welsh tunes her violin during Chamber Symphony Orchestra.

Megan Yates , Writer

The BVNW Orchestra added a Chamber Symphony to their program. This audition-only class is composed of 39 students; 20 play the violin, nine play the cello, seven play the viola and three play the bass. 

There are three different levels of orchestra currently offered: Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra and Chamber Symphony. To be involved with Concert Orchestra, students simply enroll in the class. For the other two, auditions are required. 

To become a member of Chamber Symphony, one must complete the same audition required for Symphonic Orchestra and also receive the best scores for their section.

Orchestra instructor and conductor Mike Arbucci said Chamber Symphony is a great opportunity for kids and that the students who are involved with Chamber Symphony will receive additional performance opportunities. 

One such opportunity occurred Sept. 17, when Chamber Symphony played alongside the Wichita State University Orchestra. 

For their performance in Wichita, they played a Beethoven symphony, something Arbucci said is pretty unique for high school students to do. 

The Chamber Symphony will also participate in BVNW Orchestra’s annual Spooktacular concert on Oct. 16, in which all BVNW orchestras take part. 

Another aspect to Chamber Symphony is, eventually, the students  will play without a conductor. 

“Later on in the year, [they] will perform on stage with all nonverbal communication skills amongst them, no conductor interaction, which is really cool,” Arbbuci said. 

Sophomore Yeanna Moon in one of the 39 members of Chamber Symphony. Moon, who has been playing the violin since the fifth grade, is her section’s second chair. 

“Chamber Symphony is a smaller orchestra and the music we play is more difficult which challenges me to work harder,” Moon said. 

Another member of Chamber Symphony is freshman Mika Gibbs, who plays first chair  violin.  

“With Chamber Symphony, I am most looking forward to making [new] friends and gaining a better understanding of music in general,” Gibbs said. 

Along with Moon, Gibbs said the music played in Chamber Symphony is hard, but Gibbs added it is also the best part of Chamber Symphony.

All in all, Arbucci said he is excited for BVNW to have a Chamber Symphony. With it, Arbucci said he will be able to better differentiate the music selection and the skill acquisition for all levels of orchestra at Northwest. 

“It is a very big deal that we have three orchestras. We are the only school in Blue Valley that has enough kids to even warrant a third orchestra,” Arbucci said. “I’m just super excited and thankful that our administrators at Northwest were able to make this happen.”