Senior Sarah Holder goes viral on Twitter

Senior Sarah Holder has received over 295 thousand likes and around 60 thousand retweets on a recent tweet.

Walker Johnson, Writer

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295 thousand likes and counting. On Saturday, Feb 11, Blue Valley Northwest senior Sarah Holder turned a text and a taquito into social media fame. Her Twitter post about a neighbor mistaking her taquito for a cigar as she was driving through her neighborhood can be found posted on social media accounts with millions of followers.

“Saturday afternoon I was just driving in my neighborhood, eating some taquitos,” Holder said. “Originally it was my dad who called me and said the neighbors had called him wondering if I was smoking, and then my neighbor texted me asking that I don’t do that, but I wasn’t smoking, it was just a taquito.”

Holder responded to her neighbor’s text with a picture of herself and the taquito, along with a message ensuring her neighbor that she hadn’t been smoking. Holder said when she first received the text she felt embarrassed because she didn’t want the whole neighborhood thinking she was smoking. She then decided to tweet a screenshot of the messages, but had no idea the post would gain so much popularity.

“I just tweeted it because I thought it was funny,” Holder said. “I don’t have any idea how it blew up, but it did.”

One of Holder’s friends, Senior Kennedy Thornton said while she and Holder were at the BVNW basketball game against Chaminade on Saturday night, they couldn’t believe the amount of attention the post was getting.

“[Sarah and I] were like, ‘wow, [the tweet] is at 200 likes,’ and then, ‘shoot it’s at 300,’” Thornton said. “By the end of the night it was at like 1,000 and we were like, ‘what is going on?’”

However, this was not the extent of the tweets popularity. Holder said the first time she saw it  reposted by a popular account was while she was going through her “explore” feed on instagram.

“I saw it a couple times [on instagram],” Holder said. “It was really weird because I’m used to seeing so many other people, but it’s so surreal to see myself.”

After returning to school on Monday, Holder said the attention she was getting was crazy.

“It was insane,” Holder said. “Everybody today was calling me ‘taquito girl’ and even some of my teachers called me out for it.”

Thornton agreed, saying that the attention Holder was getting was equal to that of a celebrity.

“[Sarah and I] were walking into her English class,” Thornton said, “and there were a bunch of guys that had papers ready and were saying, ‘Oh my gosh! Sarah, can we have your autograph?’”

Thornton said she hopes Holder can ride this celebrity status to the Ellen Show, after they tagged talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in a tweet about Holder’s post.