A new stretch

Certified yoga instructor and teacher Sally Noltemeyer introduces a new yoga club to BVNW to give students an outlet for stress during the school year.

Anna Cowden, Writer

During A period of Husky Halftime on Oct. 31 and B period of Husky Halftime on Nov. 3, teacher Sally Noltemeyer taught yoga sessions in the gym.

Noltemeyer is a gifted education teacher at BVNW. She became a certified yoga instructor from Core Power Yoga in 2010.

She said due to lack of time in her schedule, she cannot teach yoga outside of BVNW, even though she enjoys doing it.

“’I’d like to [teach yoga outside of Blue Valley Northwest] but I don’t have the time right now.” Noltemeyer said. “I’ll look into that for the future.”

Noltemeyer said Principal Amy Murphy approached her with the opportunity of teaching students yoga in hopes of providing a stress relief activity during the school year.

Noltemeyer said Murphy is letting her continue the yoga sessions and make it an official club.

“I think [the first yoga session] went well,” Noltemeyer said. “I think that everybody really wanted to be there and was excited to do it. It was a very positive and happy environment.”

Senior Bea Reiter attended the Oct. 31 session. Reiter said she had a positive experience at the yoga class.

“I think everyone should come [to the yoga classes] even if you’ve never tried yoga before because it’s really good for your body.” Reiter said. “[Yoga] is also a way to relax, especially if you have a really hard schedule.”

Noltemeyer said future yoga classes will be held every Monday during A period of Husky Halftime and during B period of Husky Halftime on Thursday.