Adorning their autos

Students explain the items they decorated their cars with and the significance behind them.

Avery Mojica, Puzzle Editor

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Chloe car

Justin Lehtinen

Junior Chloe Sokol

“STAYGLD” license plate: “When I read The Outsiders in 8th grade, I just loved it. I thought [the message] was a really great thing because [it says], ‘Make sure you see all the beauty in the world no matter what.’ It really appealed to me…. When I first got my car, I had a normal license plate, but my mom knew how much I loved [The Outsiders], so she surprised me for Christmas and I got to go pick it up and put it on my car.”


Sophie carJustin Lehtinen

Junior Sophie Levine 

“I like having bumper stickers because it makes me feel proud for what I believe in and what I am interested in. People know my car when they see it.”



Coexist: “I got it as a gift from a friend. I like the message…. I think everyone should just figure out their differences and agree to disagree.”

Israel: “I’m Jewish. I have friends [in Israel] and I have ties to it. My dad’s heritage comes from there.”

13.1: “I got it after I ran [a half-marathon].”

Kansas Jayhawks: “I like KU and want to go there.”

5K: “I got it as a gift.”


madisonJustin Lehtinen

Junior Madison Collins

Tribal-pattern seat covers and steering wheel cover: “I got [the whole set] at Wal-Mart for about $20…When I saw the choices, it was the most interesting one and the most colorful one that fit my personality. The vibrancy is really nice.”


Jackie carJustin Lehtinen

Senior Jackie O’Meara

Bobble head Jesus: “My mom bought [Bobble head Jesus] when she went to church one day in 2014. She brought it home and was like, ‘Hey, I don’t really want this. Should I throw it away, or do you want it?’ I was like, ‘Sure, I’ll take it.’ I wasn’t really intending to use it since I’m not that big on faith to where I would use it in a real sense, but it was really funny to me. Next thing I know, people started identifying me with it. Whenever I’m running late for school in particular, which is a lot, I rub Jesus’s head and pray that I make it to school on time. And it works!”

Stacked tassel: “My sister had one when she graduated back in 2013, and I was kind of mesmerized by it. It was a reminder to keep going forward, ‘You’ve got this,” college is ahead, and I’m really excited for college. I kind of like high school, but I’m ready for the next part of my life.”

Walk The Moon bumper sticker: “Walk The Moon is a really big part of my family. We’re all huge fans of them, and I’ve personally been to five of their concerts. I feel like their music is something that really relates to me.”

“I feel like people should have some type of car novelty. I feel like it’s a way to express yourself… I like putting little bits of myself in things that I do, whether it’s in the way I dress or things I associate myself with. It adds a little bit of me into everything, and I think people should do that more to feel more comfortable with themselves.”