Putts for pets

This fall, BVNW will introduce a mini golf club with the hope of benefitting Wayside Waifs.


Nicky Lentsch

Mini Golf club leader Gage Hall recruits new members for the club at Thursday's activity fair.

Gabe Swartz, Staff Writer

The BVNW mini golf club, headed by junior Gage Hall and sponsored by English teacher Zach Harsch, is set to begin this fall. The club plans to construct a mini golf course and eventually host a charity event where people can pay to play a round of mini golf on the completed course.

Hall said he discovered, while attending a leadership summit during the summer, that he wanted to do something to benefit a charity. His solution was to re-start mini golf club which will host a charity tournament, the proceeds of which will benefit Wayside Waifs, a shelter that helps stray animals find homes.

“I tried (mini golf club) freshman year as part of a class project and it failed, but I learned from it and realized I wanted to try it again,” Hall said.

Hall said students who invest time into building the course will be eligible for community service hours. The club will spend time playing mini golf and constructing the course in the DAC parking lot on weekend mornings.

“I realized that (supporting Wayside Waifs) would give us a goal that we could actually be beneficial to the community,” Hall said.

Hall said the club requires participants to pay a small fee of $10 to join to offset the cost of materials. Currently, meetings are planned for Tuesdays once a month in room 107, but Hall said the exact schedule has not yet been decided.

Sign-ups were held in the commons after school between Aug. 26-28, but anyone still interested can contact either Hall or Harsch.

“I think [Mini Golf club] will be great, and I can’t wait to see how it goes,” Harsch said.