Q&A: pop duo Kalin and Myles

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Q&A: pop duo Kalin and Myles

Zac Johnson, Entertainment Editor

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Kalin and Myles are a pop duo from California. Right now they are on their Dedication Tour and have been gaining traction and airplay across the country.

Myles’ answers will be denoted with an M and Kalin’s answers will be denoted with a K.

Q: What would you guys really consider your genre to be?

M: “It’s like a west coast pop vibe with a little bit of R&B thrown in there.”

Q: Do you guys write all your own stuff?

M: “Yeah, really up until last year it was just me and Kalin in my room making beats and writing stuff. That was when we started to work with different producers and writers.”

Q: How did you guys meet and get started?

K: “We actually met at a house party eight years ago, but it wasn’t until around four years later where we connected in the studio and put out a song and music video. We got a really good response and then before you know it we were trying to book shows.”

Q: Did you guys both know you were interested in music when you first met?

K: “Not really, but when he came over to my house he was just singing like for fun so I guess I kind of knew.” 

Q: Who makes the beats for your songs?

M: “I make a lot of the beats, and when we started working with the different producers we added some other guys, but for the most part it’s all me.”

Q: When you guys first started, did you expect your music would be where it is now?

M: “It was a little all over the place when I first started making music because I went from one thing to another like weird electronic, and then I guess all my influences came together and really shaped it into what it is now.”

Q: Who are your guys’ influences?

M: “I’m a really big fan of people like Diplo, Benny Blanco and the whole HBK gang.”

K: “I really like R&B, you know like Michael Jackson, Usher, even Chris Brown. I think in the midst of all that, even though I didn’t focus on music growing up, I always had an ear for it.”

Q: How did you know you wanted to rap? 

M: “I started out making beats and putting little raps over it. Everyone at my school was just doing that at one point like on GarageBand and that’s just where I started. I like rapping and just getting to express myself and showing how I feel about life.”

Q: How do people from your high school see you now?

K: “I’m actually not sure; me and Myles talk about that all the time though. In the beginning people definitely weren’t fans, it can be hard to get support from homebase. You’d think it’d be the opposite, that’s where you’re from and people should support you, but in reality that’s a little different. But in the end, I really just hope it’s in a good light.”

Q: How was the first time you guys got together?

K: “I think the first time I got in the studio was one of the most fun times that I’ve had. The very first time with Myles was the first time I found my love for music, in that weekend all I was thinking was that everything felt great and seemed like it was right.”

 Q: Why did you just choose your names as a group name?

K: “Myles was just like ‘Hey man, we need a group name,’ and I was like ‘Hey man, let’s just use our names.’ Because at first it was always just ‘featuring Kalin White’ and then we started to become more of a group, so it was kind of that thing where she’s not your girlfriend but everyone knows what it is.”

Q: When you play live do you use instruments?

M: “During the middle of our set we’ll break out the acoustic guitar, and we’ll just play a little remix and maybe some originals. That’s a really fun part and it really seems like everyone comes together.”