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The downfall of Disney

Danielle Croom, Writer January 19, 2024

Through recent years, the magical realm of Disney appears to be losing its unique charm. What was once a creative powerhouse for storytelling has now declined to a repetitive cycle from being the so-called...

According to senior Wania Munir, respect should be something thats a given and an act of disrespect should not be so easily forgiven. Its not that hard to respect peoples identities and respect peoples race and culture. You dont have to be making derogatory comments, Munir said.

From clicks to consequences

Harper Latta and Nafsiya Hafiz January 19, 2024

Living in an era where social media and the internet can serve as platforms for self-expression, high schoolers often find themselves navigating between showcasing their authentic selves and maintaining...

Connections teacher Cindy Campbell-Barnes receiving a grant.

Cash to connections

Blen Belachew and Adria Heinauer January 18, 2024

The perspective of others, talking to peers and having a self-awareness of one’s surroundings are all things that occur in everyday life. For most students, these are seen as basic social skills that...

Soccer coach and teacher Michelle Pothoven snacking on both healthy and unhealthy food. Until I was in my 30s it was hard to see food as fuel, Pothoven said.

Diving deep into diet culture

Alyssa Gagnon and Adria Heinauer January 18, 2024

​​For eight weeks straight, junior Carter Hughes said he stuck to a strict diet, which consisted of eating five times his body weight in kilograms of carbs and one gram of protein for each pound. He...

Senior Elena Santelli said she has a positive relationship with her host family. “When I met them they were super nice and I was instantly comfortable with them.” Santelli said.

Home away from home

Sara Scheibel and Inaya Zaman December 4, 2023

As senior Elena Santelli entered BVNW for the first time, she felt overwhelmed by the unfamiliar environment. Not only was it a new building, but it was in a new country—one that was across the world...

Senior Sophie Lage looks through clothes to find a new outfit for a football game. “I have gotten better [at saving money] but sometimes I still do struggle with saving money,” Lage said.

The urge to splurge

Lindsay Maresh and Sri Trikona December 4, 2023

Senior Sophie Lage opens her Starbucks app and orders a Venti Iced Chai Tea Latte. This is an every other day occurrence for Lage. Based on her habits, Starbucks costs her approximately $22 a week, or...

Sophomore Brody Bates plays the drums for Circle Drive at a performance at Smoking n Waldo.

Circle drive: rocking the rhythms

Harper Latta and Madison Kraft October 31, 2023

In the rhythm of life, junior Brody Bates finds his beat on the drums. “I never knew what I wanted to do. But I'd always be the kid that was tapping or hitting pots and pans and things like that....

During his 7th hour honors chemistry class, sophomore Aadit Gupta [right] learns how to count in large amounts by measuring mass with his classmate Dhirav Kamble [left], Sept. 15. “Taking an all honors and AP schedule makes it hard to keep up with work and takes up a lot of family time and time away from friends,” Gupta said. “If you handle it responsibly though, it will definitely have a positive impact.”

Untraditional high school

Blen Belachew and Sanaee Joshi October 26, 2023

Over the span of several years, the Blue Valley School District (BVSD) has created various career-ready programs for students to enhance their learning experience. These programs have been known to help...

Senior Easton Wilson can be seen driving his business van around Blue Valley Northwest communities to gain traction for his business, Sept 21. I like to drive my van because it helps people recognize me and my brand.

Empowering teen entrepreneurs

Danielle Croom and Sara Scheibel October 17, 2023

After the holidays, senior Easton Wilson noticed all of the packages piled up at his door. His mother, Michelle Wilson, would typically drive back and forth between stores, trying to return all the gifts...

Senior Lillian Flood described how she often alters her personality when in certain environments. I would say Im someone who likes to fit in wherever I am, Flood said. I just kind of mold to the conversation and figure out who I need to be in a situation.

The masks we wear

Hannah Rakolta and Maggie Dahl October 17, 2023

When around different groups of people, senior Lillian Flood said she notices her personality tends to fluctuate. For her, this can often be exhausting. Although adapting to our surroundings is basic human...

During an open gym with the girls basketball program, senior Josie Grosdidier prepares to high-five a team mate.

Is the “offseason” really off?

Danielle Croom and Inaya Zaman September 15, 2023

When junior Brock Heath’s foot started hurting, he said that he tried to work through the pain. In reality, he said this overuse led to stress fractures that began to greatly affect his training for...

Senior Jon Krogull says he does not have any specific criteria when it comes to dating. “I look for girls who I can relate to
and be myself around, but most of all I [want them to] have a strong moral compass,” Krogull said.

Looking for love

Ashley Adams, Copy Editor April 15, 2023

Growing up with parents of an arranged marriage, freshman Sumlina Alam has acquired a unique perspective on the benefits of different types of relationships. “[Arranged marriages] can be very...

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