The official student media of Blue Valley Northwest High School


The official student media of Blue Valley Northwest High School


The official student media of Blue Valley Northwest High School


Chris LaValley, the ceramics and painting teacher, works on her latest art piece. “This series focuses on where my inspiration from nature began and my enjoyment on focusing on smaller details and elements most would miss,” LaValley said.

Cherishing creativity

Quinn Brown and Lexi Jones December 19, 2022

As December is national art month, the intricacy and beauty of art is recognized nation-wide. The Nerman, Prairiefire, Nelson Atkins, Kansas City Artists Coalition — these are all names of local museums...

Digital illustration depicting one half of a healthy brain and one half of an Alzheimers-induced brain.

Remember me

Alex Cowdrey and Bridget Hamlin December 19, 2022

Broadcast teacher Kim White has long-feared her own diagnosis of Alzheimer’s since her father developed the disease. “What if I'm the one that has [Alzheimer’s], who then takes care of me. I don't...

Digital illustration of the iconic jumping pose from the High School Musical series.

Not-so “High School Musical”

Addie Aadland, Writer November 4, 2022

Growing up, many children and teenagers were enamored with  movies and TV shows based on a high school setting. Movies like “Mean Girls,” “High School Musical” and “Ferris Bueller's Day Off”...

Sophomore Safa Qureshi and senior Hiba Issawi hold signs to represent protests in Middle Eastern countries and their own beliefs.

Unnoticed. Unaddressed. Uncovered. 

Alex Cowdrey and Saraphina Wambi November 4, 2022

Pakistani junior Wania Munir said because people have become desensitized to violence in the Middle East, the media does not give those countries the attention they deserve.  “When people think of...

Officer Batley believes showing respect to an officer is the best thing people can do in any situation. “If you can be respectful and
have a conversation with me, I’m going to do more to try to help that person in their situation,” Batley said.

Do you know your rights?

Hannah Rakolta and Lexi Jones November 4, 2022

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” (Miranda v Arizona). These famous lines are part of your Miranda rights: the set list of...

Junior HarAnsh Singh Gugnani moved to Kansas at the age of two, and has had a positive experience living here. “Being a 1st generation immigrant you usually hear a lot of bad stories about how people treat you, but I find the community here in Blue Valley to be very accepting and inclusive,” Gugani said.

The next generation

Ashley Adams and Jeny Jithesh September 29, 2022

Senior Alicia Pham was born in America to newly immigrated parents from Vietnam. As a second-generation immigrant, Pham said her family faced struggles with the language difference between the two countries.  “My...

Junior football player Lovie Pulliam said he feels held to a higher standard when on the field. “Every game is like if I don’t complete right, I’m gonna be off the field forever,” Pulliam said. “I do everything to be the best of the best.”


Harper Latta and Saraphina Wambi September 28, 2022

Junior football player Lovie Pulliam said one of the most well-known sports myths of all time is that Black people possess natural physical talent, which helps them excel in sports.  “[The stereotype]...

Junior Hannah Hatton quit dance to focus on her passion of theater. “Even though its scary to change your whole life to pursue something new, it can be so worth it,” Hatton said.

Finding the right fit

Lindsay Maresh and Reagan King August 20, 2022

Insecurity and the fear of failing can be enough for someone to quit doing something they love, sophomore Addison Novak said she experienced this with basketball. “I’ve always been getting down...

Junior Dyani Anand is pictured at the local Hindu temple wearing a traditional lehenga. She said she feels the Indian community impacted her by “participating in different traditions and celebrating [their] culture together,” Anand said.

Unity in diversity

Alex Cowdrey and Sydney Barnett August 20, 2022

Although senior Nithya Mamalayan has practiced singing Carnatic music for 11 years, a traditional style of Indian music, she is hesitant to share this skill with her non-South Asian friends, as they are...

Senior Lexi Liess holds up a photo of her mother, Linda Liess, who passed away from colorectal cancer when Lexi was eight years old, April 18. “You will never really move on, but you will become stronger.” Liess said.

Legacy of a loved one

Julia Moser and Lucy Halverson May 12, 2022

The Reaction  After the first varsity football game of the 2021 season, senior Caroline Mall’s mom, Jacque Reynolds, shared news that drastically changed her family’s life.  “Hannah is dead,”...

Many teens find it hard when comparing themselves to others, and when summer brings the time for less clothing, it can be even harder to work through these thoughts.

Fitting the mold

Alyssa Gagnon and Quinn Brown May 12, 2022

In eighth grade, sophomore Katy Olson spent two weeks in the hospital with a heart rate of only 20 beats per minute, compared to the average 60 to 100 bpm for a teenage girl.  “I was severely underweight....

Senior J Hadleigh Fallon (center) and the cheer squad lead a chant at halftime of a boys basketball game, March 2. “I think a lot of people think high school cheer is just cheering on the sidelines at football games and basketball games,” Fallon said. “We also do competitions and harder things.”

Like a girl

Reagan King and Alyssa Gagnon April 7, 2022

Every day after school, the varsity girls softball team hauls their gear to the Blue Valley Rec Center to practice, while the varsity boys baseball team practices on their reserved BVNW fields, according...

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