The boys basketball team is going to make school history and win their third straight state championship.
Despite 2018 woes, varsity football has a bright future
Hey NFL, take a page out of high school’s playbook.
Swartz on sports: The making of a good hire
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New technology brings attention to possible online schooling
The balancing act
The extrovert expectation
Project-based learning isn’t the answer
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Political cartoon: Fair play?

Abdul Qaddour, Staff Artist
May 2, 2016

Political cartoon: Unintended intentions

Madison Graves, Business Manager
January 31, 2016

Political cartoon: Muslims are definitely the problem

Abdul Qaddour, Staff Artist
January 9, 2016

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The future is now

December 13, 2018

Blue Valley Northwest has been at the front of national news, with dozens of social media comments calling our school racist. Many are demanding drastic change within our community since 2018 graduate Camille Sturdivant led a civil lawsuit against the district, principal Amy Pressly, former Dazzler coach Carley Fine and Dazzler mother and Cottonwood Point Elementary School teacher Katie...

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