Swartz on sports: The making of a good hire
Local focal: Selfie swoon
Swartz on sports: Welcome to the Mahomes era
Players Headquarters: How Minecraft has changed gaming entirely
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Letter from the editor

Lauren Fischer, Print Editor
May 21, 2018

Marching isn’t enough. Go vegan.
Mental health in the sports world
The journey to imperfection
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Political cartoon: Fair play?

Abdul Qaddour, Staff Artist
May 2, 2016

Political cartoon: Unintended intentions

Madison Graves, Business Manager
January 31, 2016

Political cartoon: Muslims are definitely the problem

Abdul Qaddour, Staff Artist
January 9, 2016

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Our proposal for new learning spaces

In an average advisory class, most students are disengaged, on their phones and waiting for the 25-minute period to pass. Many graduate not fully knowing the peers they have spent four years with in advisory, which is not acceptable. Principal Amy Murphy said advisory was created to teach students “soft skills” not typically learned in a traditional class setting, after the school got a grant...

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