Despite 2018 woes, varsity football has a bright future
Hey NFL, take a page out of high school’s playbook.
Swartz on sports: The making of a good hire
Local focal: Selfie swoon
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Controversy in classrooms

Raabia Qureshi, Staff writer
November 5, 2018

The benefit sports provide
Letter from the editor
Marching isn’t enough. Go vegan.
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Political cartoon: Fair play?

Abdul Qaddour, Staff Artist
May 2, 2016

Political cartoon: Unintended intentions

Madison Graves, Business Manager
January 31, 2016

Political cartoon: Muslims are definitely the problem

Abdul Qaddour, Staff Artist
January 9, 2016

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Our proposal for new learning spaces

Throughout his campaign and presidency, President Trump has called the media “fake news” and invited his followers to do the same. On a visit to KC this past summer, he pointed to reporters and called them “the enemy of the people.” But we are not the enemy. In the past, our staff has sought the truth in our stories, and this year will be no different. We’ve covered all kinds of stories...

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