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The official student media of Blue Valley Northwest High School


The official student media of Blue Valley Northwest High School


Digital illustration of a possible thumbnail photo for a MrBeast Youtube video.

Stop using charity for your content

Quinn Brown, Writer May 2, 2023

It’s a typical Friday night. You are scrolling on your “For You Page,” watching your typical recommended videos from the TikTok algorithm. Suddenly, you come across a new type of video you have not...

Digital illustration depicting a fatertainment star being likened to a circus commodity.

“Fatertainment” is getting out of hand

Quinn Brown, Writer February 16, 2023

The topic of weight has become a prominent aspect of reality television in America. Though these programs do not necessarily portray obesity in a particular light, they can impose harmful stereotypes concerning...

Digital illustration of a cisgender actor portraying a transgender role.

Transitioning into authenticity

Lizzie Lively, Opinions Editor February 3, 2023

The film industry has a history of casting cisgender actors as transgender characters. Some actors have even won awards for these roles, despite having no experience with the perspectives being portrayed....

Digital illustration depicting the toxicity that can come with fandoms and social media.

Your fandom is making you sick

Lizzie Lively, Opinions Editor December 19, 2022

I enjoy being a part of an online fan culture, seeing different cosplayers’ takes on certain characters and reading fan theories. Enjoying media is fun and being a part of a community that enjoys it...

Digital illustration depicting two marginalized groups playing tug-of-war.

Why are we fighting each other?

Harper Latta, Writer December 19, 2022

The Oppression Olympics are an event in which no one should ever be winning the gold, silver or bronze. The Oppression Olympics, a term first coined in 1993 by Elizabeth Martinez, is a useless charade...

Digital illustration depicting a pair of Thanksgiving turkeys pulling Santas sleigh.

Where is Thanksgiving?

Anna Bailey, Print Editor November 24, 2022

Halloween is not celebrated in September, Valentine's day is not celebrated in January and a birthday is not celebrated an entire month prior, yet the Christmas season gets an entire two months in the...

Digital illustration representing the benefit privilege plays in certain situations.

Acknowledge your privilege

Shahd Abdeljalil, Photographer November 4, 2022

Recently, it was deemed unsafe for me to go to a friend’s house because of Islamophobic things her mother had said. The fact that people have the will to presume that I hate America, and discriminate...

Digital illustration of a group of young children trick-or-treating.

Why can’t I trick or treat?     

Regan Simeon, Social Media Editor October 29, 2022

When I was in elementary school, October meant one thing: trick-or-treating on Halloween night. I would spend months nagging my mom for the perfect costume to wear out with my friends, my biggest concern...

Digital illustration of Marilyn Monroe.

Why I will never watch “Blonde”

Lizzie Lively, Opinions Editor October 19, 2022

I will never see the Netflix movie “Blonde,” nor will I ever read the 738 paged work of “biographical fiction” by Joyce Carol Oates that the movie is based on. Both, while using Marilyn Monroe’s...

I cant sit still

I can’t sit still

Anna Bailey, Print Editor September 29, 2022

When I am working on my homework, getting up for a bit and taking a walk helps clear my brain so I can be more productive.  I am neurodivergent, specifically, I have been diagnosed with attention-deficit-hyperactivity...

The disgusting truth

The disgusting truth

Quinn Brown, Writer August 20, 2022

Last year, when I made the long trek across the Commons after lunch, I vividly remember stepping on half-used ketchup packets and ruining my converse. I looked down and saw other condiments, bread, utensils,...

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