The official student media of Blue Valley Northwest High School


The official student media of Blue Valley Northwest High School


The official student media of Blue Valley Northwest High School


Digital illustration of a parent yelling at her child.

Strict parents raise sneaky children

Sri Trikona, Writer April 25, 2024

I watch, as fear instantly strikes my friend's face. It was a regular Friday night, five of my friends and I were playing board games at a cafe, laughing and having a great time. We were all talking, and...

Photo illustration

The downfall of Disney

Danielle Croom, Writer January 19, 2024

Through recent years, the magical realm of Disney appears to be losing its unique charm. What was once a creative powerhouse for storytelling has now declined to a repetitive cycle from being the so-called...

‘New Year New Me’ is not a healthy resolution

‘New Year New Me’ is not a healthy resolution

Sri Trikona, Writer December 29, 2023

As December creeps up on us, we begin to reflect on our year. For me, every year is the same. “I can’t believe this year is almost over, it still feels like May,” my friend tells me, while everyone...

Going to the movies (Taylors Version)

Going to the movies (Taylor’s Version)

Rishitha Bonthu, Writer November 6, 2023

World-renowned artist Taylor Swift has concluded the US leg of her record-breaking “Eras Tour”. Since this tour was so insanely successful, many fans could not get tickets. Now, those who couldn’t...

Heating up

Heating up

Alyssa Gagnon, Writer November 1, 2023

The world is dying and no one seems to care. Not only do many people not care, some people do not even acknowledge that global warming is real.  Throughout this past year, Canada has experienced the...

Haunting for the best scary movie

Haunting for the best scary movie

Rishitha Bonthu, Writer October 31, 2023

Although everyone has different tastes, I think that “Jennifer’s Body” is the most underrated spooky movie. “Jennifer’s Body” was one of the best movies of its time but was extremely underrated...

A moral condemnation

A moral condemnation

Sydney Barnett, Chief Writer October 23, 2023

In the newspaper’s first issue this school year, I wrote an opinion about the importance of kindness. I urged people to step out of their comfort zones and welcome new faces into their lives. Following...

A visual depiction of the disorganized and messy state school bathrooms are often left in by students.

Bathroom frenzy

Hannah Rakolta, Writer May 25, 2023

The bell rings, alerting students that lunch has ended and it is now time to return to class. You watch your friends head off while you go to use the bathroom before class starts. Expecting peace, you...

Digital illustration of a possible thumbnail photo for a MrBeast Youtube video.

Stop using charity for your content

Quinn Brown, Writer May 2, 2023

It’s a typical Friday night. You are scrolling on your “For You Page,” watching your typical recommended videos from the TikTok algorithm. Suddenly, you come across a new type of video you have not...

Digital illustration depicting a fatertainment star being likened to a circus commodity.

“Fatertainment” is getting out of hand

Quinn Brown, Writer February 16, 2023

The topic of weight has become a prominent aspect of reality television in America. Though these programs do not necessarily portray obesity in a particular light, they can impose harmful stereotypes concerning...

Digital illustration of a cisgender actor portraying a transgender role.

Transitioning into authenticity

Lizzie Lively, Opinions Editor February 3, 2023

The film industry has a history of casting cisgender actors as transgender characters. Some actors have even won awards for these roles, despite having no experience with the perspectives being portrayed....

Digital illustration depicting the toxicity that can come with fandoms and social media.

Your fandom is making you sick

Lizzie Lively, Opinions Editor December 19, 2022

I enjoy being a part of an online fan culture, seeing different cosplayers’ takes on certain characters and reading fan theories. Enjoying media is fun and being a part of a community that enjoys it...

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The official student media of Blue Valley Northwest High School