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Haunting for the best scary movie

Jeny Jithesh

Although everyone has different tastes, I think that “Jennifer’s Body” is the most underrated spooky movie. “Jennifer’s Body” was one of the best movies of its time but was extremely underrated because it was marketed towards the wrong audience. It was marketed towards straight men with Megan Fox used as the main appeal, but they weren’t satisfied when they saw it. The movie was not catered toward them, and they weren’t invested in the ups and downs of the teenage girls’ friendship. They saw themselves in the guys who fell for Jennifer, and then those guys were brutally murdered, so the actual intended audience for “Jennifer’s Body,” teenage girls, didn’t see it and the movie was mostly dismissed at the time of release. However, the movie has now risen into popularity more than ten years after its release. The movie features some of my favorite actors and I really enjoyed how it can be seen as just a silly chick flick but also has so many layers. “Jennifer’s Body” is the perfect mix of horror, comedy, satire and real emotion. If you are looking for a scary movie this isn’t it, but this movie fits the halloween mood perfectly, it is just spooky enough without being traumatizing. “Jennifer’s Body” has been praised for its sapphic themes and social commentary, which is what caused its rise to popularity again. 

Many people consider “Scream” to be a classic, and while I agree, it is definitely not the best scary movie. Even though “Scream” had a good premise and the idea of the killer having to follow the rules of a movie was interesting, the execution made the movie boring and somewhat predictable. The movie had so many twists and turns while still making it very obvious who the killer really was.

“Paranormal Activity” is another horror classic and was one of the first to use the found footage style, which I found very engaging. “Paranormal Activity” was definitely the scariest movie I watched, due to the way it was filmed and the way we never truly saw the entity haunting them. If you enjoy suspense and cliffhangers this is the movie for you.  

“Happy Death Day” was very entertaining and a 10/10 if you watch it as a comedy. It had a great plot twist and was very engaging with the mystery elements as well but it was not scary at all. The repetition of the movie was slightly monotonous but it also piqued my interest because there were slight changes each time.

“The Corpse Bride” is another classic, and although it is made for kids fits the Halloween mood perfectly, with the signature Tim Burton animation and color palette. “The Corpse Bride” is a meaningful movie with a theme of living life to the fullest, making it a perfect movie to watch with your family and friends.

Out of the various movies I watched in preparation for this Halloween, these are the ones I enjoyed the most. All of these movies had good things about them, but for me, Jennifer’s Body was the perfect mix of comedy and horror.

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Rishitha Bonthu
Rishitha Bonthu, Writer
Rishi Bonthu is a sophomore and a writer for “The Express”. This is her first year on staff. Rishi is also involved in girls golf, DECA, Science Olympiad, and Kay Club. In her free time Rishi enjoys reading, baking, making clothes, and spending time with her friends. Rishi looks forward to being on staff and is excited to make new friends and develop her writing skills.
Jeny Jithesh
Jeny Jithesh, Online Editor
Jeny Jithesh is a senior and Online Editor of “The Express” and BVNWnews. This is her second year on staff as a writer. Outside of newspaper, Jeny is serving as the President of FBLA and KAY Club and participates in Student Government, NHS, NEHS, and Quill & Scroll. In her free time, Jeny loves going on walks with her parents, hanging out with friends, painting, and traveling. She is looking forward to contributing to BVNWNews as an editor and writer!

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