New program provides seniors with a unique experience

New program provides seniors with a unique experience

Tessa Regan , Assistant Executive Editor March 2, 2021

As part of a larger senior celebration committee, the “Adopt a Senior” program allows for the BVNW community to get involved in supporting this year's seniors. The committee is made up of 47 parents,...

Junior Lexi Liess practices trap shooting with her father, Rich Liess.

Trap challenger?

Matthew Lemke , Writer March 1, 2021

Junior Lexi Liess competes in a not so ordinary sport. Trapshooting has been a passion of hers since she was 13. Starting with her dad shooting when he was younger, Liess said that he was her motivation...

Setting up for success

Kathryn Case and Megan Yates February 21, 2021

Despite the lack of teacher-to-student connection Junior Sam Stubenhofer said he is experiencing from school, he has found ways to enjoy his hybrid schooling experience, particularly through his workspace...

Junior Braden Bartalos shows off his true style with his past self Pgazing toward his current self, illustrating how his style has evolved.

The meaning of masculinity

Reagan Kauth and Liz LaHood February 3, 2021

People’s opinions it means to be “manly” are widely debated in today’s society. This subject goes hand in hand with the topic of toxic masculinity, and how stereotypes...

Learning from a distance

Learning from a distance

Reagan Kauth, Writer February 2, 2021

Keeping students on task in the classroom is hard enough but keeping kids engaged during distance learning is something many teachers have said they struggle with this year. ELA and AVID teacher Bill Smithyman...

Volunteer Cameron Smith discusses the inauguration and what is in store for the future of the U.S.

Volunteer Cameron Smith discusses the inauguration and what is in store for the future of the U.S.

Liz LaHood , Writer January 28, 2021

Although there have been a lot of mixed emotions about the 2020 inauguration, it is without a doubt a groundbreaking event in the United States’ history, with a woman now holding the highest office one...

Graphic courtesy of the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment.

BVNW parents among the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Johnson County

Jack Bensing , National Editor January 21, 2021

With the vaccine becoming more and more available to the general public, several parents have had the opportunity to receive the vaccine in the past month. Currently, they are among the 1.5 percent of...

Changing Holiday Traditions

Changing Holiday Traditions

Anna Bailey, Writer December 23, 2020

Due to the pandemic, families are celebrating fall and winter holidays in different ways. Most families are able to see those who live in town or those whom they have been spending time with during the...



Jack Nitz and Matthew Lemke December 17, 2020

After looking for a backpack, Avery Feather said this one was the perfect
fit. She found the bag at Plato’s Closet for $15.

Think Thrift

Kathryn Case, Writer December 14, 2020

After realizing the harm fast fashion brands cause the environment, senior Avery Feather said she became more conscientious of which clothing companies she was going to support. “Originally I used...

Cast members meet over zoom to rehearse for their roles.

Taking the Screen

Katelyn Gau and Abbie Kratofil December 2, 2020

BVNWs theater program produced a virtual play with the purpose of giving actors a way to perform while keeping everyone safe. The play is titled “Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon.” The play will be offered...

Black friday shopping during COVID-19: Do’s and Don’ts

Black friday shopping during COVID-19: Do’s and Don’ts

Maddie Oliver, Chief Writer November 26, 2020

As COVID-19 cases increase and the holidays draw near, people having to get creative with certain holiday traditions, one being Black Friday shopping. Shopping outlets in the Kansas City area, including...

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