Staff writer Jack Plank offers his opinion on some of Netflix's most popular original shows.

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Netflix and chill: Evaluating the best Netflix Original’s

Staff writer Jack Plank gives his thoughts on the best Netflix Original's to check out.

February 7, 2018

Stranger Things

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the best Netflix shows I have ever seen. It drags you into an alternate universe inside the world they are living in where good meets evil. In the small town of Hawkins, a group of boys lives are turned “upside-down” when a strange event leads to many disappearances and unknown finds about their small and “peaceful” town. Throughout the two seasons of the show, the group of kids try saving the town, Hawkins. This was one of the quickest shows I have finished due to the writers drawing you in so you have to watch more. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a Netflix show that has yet to be seen. It has many great qualities including, suspense, mystery and comedy that draws the watcher back every time.

Rating: 5/5

Last Chance U

As Netflix took me down South to the small town of Scooba, Mississippi with a population of below 1,000, I began to immediately see the power that football had in a town of that size. Centered around the East Mississippi Community College football team and their athletes, it takes you through the season of one of the toughest junior college teams in the country. The name “Last Chance U” comes from the fact that it is some of these football players last chance to succeed at a university. Most of these players were Division 1 athletes who could not maintain their grades, stay out of trouble, or succeed because of problems they might have faced at large universities. When they get to EMCC, it is their final shot as a student and a football player. I have watched both seasons of this show twice because of the amazing story it tells not just about football but about students maintaining their academics and sports careers. Even though you may not be a sports fanatic, anyone would love this show for it’s lessons and portrayal of hardwork on and off the field.

Rating: 4.5/5

Black Mirror

This Netflix Original portrays the world in ways many would not see if they did not look closer. Black Mirror is a show with a different storyline each episode all relating to different events that occur that would be rendered strange or futuristic of today. In one episode, it refers to a world where everyone is given a rating with every human interaction and that gives you the ability to look at everyone else’s ratings to give and receive. One thing that stuck out about this show versus other shows was the ability for the writers to create  episodes that may seem as unreal but could all have the true possibility of happening. This is a good watch for anyone who likes to get more in depth into their viewing of television.

Rating: 4/5


Martin Byrd is a financial adviser in Chicago when he is approached by a drug cartel to run the financial portion of their operation. After working in Chicago, he moves his family down to the Lake of the Ozarks where he wants to maximize profits for the cartel with the warm weather rush to the lake. With only one season currently, the show takes you through the Byrd’s family life and how it plays a role in the drug cartel. This show would be interesting for anyone, especially those who may have enjoyed Narcos, about Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel.

Rating: 3.5/5


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