Review: The Mowgli’s at The Midland


Emma Bruce, Writer

On April 2, The Mowgli’s came to play a show at The Midland in Kansas City. They were accompanied by Hippo Campus and Night Riots. Although I hadn’t heard of either of the openers, they were surprisingly good. Night Riots was very interactive with the crowd, running around the stage and communicating with individuals in the audience.

Roughly two hours after the concert had started, The Mowgli’s came out and opened up with their song ‘Kids in Love’ off their soon to be released album ‘Kids in Love’. Although it was fitting to open up with the song, it might’ve been better to open up with a better known song.

The happy music created a nice atmosphere, and it was empowering to yell out such positive lyrics with people experiencing the same mood. Before ‘Love is Easy’, the band requested everyone hug their friends, and it made the show feel intimate.

I was surprised the band played one of their most known songs, ‘Say it, Just Say it’, in the middle of the show. In the previous times that I’ve seen them, they’ve played it last or right before ‘San Francisco’. Although it threw some of the crowd off, including myself, in the long run, it made the show seem longer since I expected it to end after they played that.

During ‘San Francisco,’ singer Colin Dieden’s brother, Jason, went on stage and played the guitar. I had seen him do this at the Plaza lighting show, but I didn’t know it was a tradition. I thought it was cute and I liked how it’s something unique to Kansas City shows.

Overall, I thought it was a terrific concert and I’m glad I went to it. I’m looking forward to listening to more music from the opening acts and I’m grateful to be introduced to them in this way. The Mowgli’s are different from concerts I normally go to due to their uplifting ambience. I would definitely recommend that anyone who likes their music take the chance to go see them.