Review: Cinderella the Musical

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Review: Cinderella the Musical

Zac Johnson, Entertainment Editor

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As the lights dimmed and the curtain rose, the Thursday night crowd was greeted with the sights and sounds of Cinderella the Musical.

The performance overall was fantastic, and each actor seemed to not only play their role well, but many of their actual personalities fit their roles perfectly. The singing was also quite good, although I felt the song variety was lacking a little bit. Having live music from the pit orchestra was definitely nice, although at some points it definitely did not feel quite on.

Even some of the minor characters definitely had great voices, which was not something I was totally expecting, since I’ve been to prior musicals where minor characters were lacking in range. The only singing complaint for me would be occasional duets sung by Cinderella and the Prince; they just didn’t feel quite right.

My favorite song from the entire musical was the duet titled ‘Stepsister’s Lament.’ It featured the two stepsisters, Grace and Joy, singing about their overall disappointment with their current situation and how the ball had gone for them.

The musical was in fact very funny, combining contemporary language with what looked to be an older setting. Lionel, the prince’s steward, was definitely the most humorous character throughout the musical; the two stepsisters come in a close second and their banter throughout each scene may have been slightly over the top, but still without a doubt funny.

The crowd was rather receptive and generally laughed and went along with most of the humor. The Lionel, played by Paul Georgoulis, even broke the fourth wall at one point which was slightly unexpected. As far as I could tell the stagework was also very good and the use of puppets for the four mice was actually a nice touch. The settings, like the music, did not seem to vary greatly, although the stages were large and definitely well done.

Most of the cast also danced at the ball, which was one of the most enjoyable scenes. There was just enough going on to be exciting, while not becoming confusing. Cinderella is definitely worth going to, and all of the cast did an excellent job.