“Captain Marvel” shines despite poor expectations

Ben Hobbs, Writer

The marvel cinematic universe saw its latest installment in 2019’s Captain Marvel. The story follows Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson. Rescued by the Kree with no recollection of her past, she fights in the war against the Skrulls in an elite team called the starforce. During a mission, she gets captured by the enemy, who then try to look through her memory to gather information. This is where the real plot begins. Her escape from the Skrulls takes her to Earth, where she meets Nick Fury. They team up to take down the Skrull, but not everything is as it seems.

When the trailers were released for the film, they were met with awful expectations. People were commenting online about how bored Larson looked and how it didn’t fit the marvel theme. However, Larson’s acting was one of the best parts of the film. Unlike other Marvel movies, the comedy is delivered in a deadpan “over it” manner, that really makes Danvers stand out as a hero.

The setting of Captain Marvel is another highlight, taking place in the nineties, the plot is full of callbacks such as the Smashing Pumpkins posters or Blockbusters, which allows Captain Marvel to have an identity of its own. While the movie takes place in the MCU, it gives itself enough room to breathe, creating an individual story apart from the avengers arc, which is a reflection of the great writing that takes place. The plot is fun and engaging, with multiple opposing forces at a time, creating a fast paced action packed journey that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat.

The fight scene choreography also stands out as one of this movies strengths. Each one is so well shot that its not distracting to the eye. They’re easy to follow and fun to watch. This isn’t exactly consistent throughout the entire runtime however, the final showdown between hero and villain is a bit anticlimactic, but the let down of the fight completely reflects Danver’s dry personality.

The new set of characters are also a highlight. In “Captain Marvel” we’re introduced to several new faces, which sets this movie apart, and is reminiscent of the first Ant Man film.

Captain Marvel’s timely release is important, with the day of release being International Women’s Day. The time is right to show an important female figure in the superhero genre, someone girls can look up to and admire, someone who shows women can be independent and strong on their own, and Captain Marvel does an excellent job of this.

Overall the movie is an excellent watch, with some of marvel’s best writing to date. An awesome soundtrack, storyline and cast of characters come together to really land one for Marvel.