Team Purple dominates in the 2021 Cheer Bowl

In the varsity cheer squad’s cheer bowl, team purple defeated team pink, 12-6. Senior Kaylin Kirchmer scored both of the touchdowns for the winning team.


Lindsey Farthing

Senior Kaylin Kirchmer celebrates scoring a touchdown alongside her teammates, Aug. 29.

Megan Yates, Editor-In-Chief

Head coach of the purple team and football senior Drew Kaufman said his main objective going into the flag football game was to have a good time and for his team to be locked in defensively. 

“We were just trying to have fun and shut [team pink] down on defense because we had a really explosive offense,” Kaufman said. 

Kaufman’s promise of an explosive offense came true in the form of senior Kaylin Kirchmer. Kirchmer ran the ball for 150 yards and scored both touchdowns for the purple team. 

Kirchmer’s touchdowns put team purple in the lead, 12-0. Kirchmer attributed her touchdowns to the entire purple team. 

“[Scoring two touchdowns] felt good, but it was more of a team win,” Kirchmer said. 

Kaufman agreed with Kirchmer, giving a shout out to team purple’s offensive line and wide receivers for their blocking abilities. 

Team pink scored one touchdown at the end of the game, making the final score, 12-6. 

Overall, Kirchmer said winning felt good and said she would have been happy either way, as the main purpose of the event was to have fun. 

Kaufman added on to Kirchmer, saying that there was a feeling of pride that came with winning the 2021 cheer bowl.

“It was fun to win and fun to play,” Kaufman said. “It was just a game of pride for the football players, we play football, so to come out here and get results was fun.”  

The varsity cheerleaders will be back in action Friday, Sept. 3, to cheer on the football team as they face Blue Valley in their season-opener.