Royal dad

A Blue Valley Northwest parent is a partner in one of the 22 co-owners of the Royals franchise.


Grace Miller

Troy Stremming attends a Royals game with former Kansas City, Mo. mayor Sylvester James.

Matthew Lemke, Writer

Troy Stremming, father of junior Sydney Stremming, is a partner in the Royals Crown Partners, one of the 22 owners of the Kansas City Royals baseball team franchise. 

Stremming said playing college baseball at Washburn University was one of the reasons he is now a part owner. 

“I played baseball in college, and I coached baseball for almost 20 years, so I love being around the game. To be a part of this ownership group really takes it to another level,” Stremming said.

Attending the playoff runs for the Royals in the 1970s and the World Series runs in 1980, 1985, 2014 and 2015, Stremming said he has been around the Royals community for a very long time and said he never thought he would have such an opportunity. 

“It’s a pretty unique ownership group in that, you know, not only does it include a great business people who care about the community of Kansas City, but they’re also true fans of the game of baseball, so it’s a really exciting crew,” Stremming said. 

As an estimation, Stremming said currently the Kansas City Royals organization is worth just north of one billion dollars. As part of his job, Stremming said he does not do a lot of the planning. Being part of the ownership group, Stremming said he is informed about the decisions, however he does not have everyday “duties” as most jobs have. 

Stremming raised his children around the Royals. As a little kid, Sydney, Stremming’s junior daughter, said she remembered going to lots of Royals games and asking her dad a lot of questions about baseball, never failing to answer one without a smile. 

“So, my family has always lived in Kansas and we’ve always been the biggest Royals fans ever. My first Royals game was when I was like two years old,”  Sydney said. “We’ve always been super involved with the Royals community and we’ve always supported them because it is such a positive community and it’s such a good team.”

As a true fan his whole life, Stremming said that he has gotten the opportunity of a lifetime. The partners in this group are people who do not only care about Kansas City, Stremming said, but they are people who care about the baseball community and who have been around baseball for a long time.

“It’s really cool that my dad is part of the ownership team for the Royals,” Sydney said. “He’s probably the biggest fan in Kansas City.”