Tigers defeat Huskies, 44-18

The Blue Valley Northwest Huskies fell to the Blue Valley Tigers on Friday Oct. 4, 44-18. With the loss, the Huskies record drops to 1-4.

Sophomore quarterback Mikey Pauley escapes the pocket in a game against Blue Valley on Oct. 4.

After a 44-18 defeat, the Huskies look to improve many aspects of both their offense and defense.

Giving up 28 points in the first quarter, head football coach Clint Rider said that the Huskies came ready to push down the field to open the second quarter. However, they had a few opportunities to score, but they could not convert once they reached the red zone. 

“We have to start better, [we had] way to many penalties, very undisciplined out on the field,” Rider said.

Agreeing with Rider, senior Edward Thomas said the Huskies need to finish off drives, especially in the red zone.

The Tigers run game was very successful against the Huskies defense. In order to improve the Huskies run defense, Rider said that the defense must learn to communicate better, as well as play more physical to see more success.

“We have to make sure we communicate better, make sure we get all the calls in,” Rider said. “We have to tackle better, we have to be more physical, and we have to play with more desire.” 

With two large plays on the field, Thomas gained a total of 85 yards. Playing both defense and offense, Thomas said the team needs to overall trust each other more, and know each others roles.

“We just have to know each other more, trusting each other, and knowing what each other has to do, to become better as a whole community,” Thomas said. “It’s individuals, you can see how some play harder than others, and we have to play as a whole unit.”

Going into the next game, sophomore quarterback Mikey Pauley looks to make some changes with the team. 

“We need to get our energy up, and staying in tune with the game, less mental mistakes causing penalties,” Mikey said.

Within the next week, the Huskies look to limit mental mistakes and play more as a team in preparation for the Blue Valley West Jaguars.

Following the loss to Blue Valley, the varsity football team will take on Blue Valley West, in the schools homecoming game, Friday Oct. 11, at 7:00 p.m. at the DAC.