Boys varsity basketball loses substate

Morgan Lewis, Writer

The BVNW boys varsity basketball team competed against Olathe East in the substate game Wednesday night. The team followed closely behind OE the whole game, but in the end they were defeated 46-54.

Head coach Ed Fritz said the team made a good effort, but there were too many fouls and they could not execute the plays correctly.

“We had them right where we wanted them and we fouled a little too much,” Fritz said. “They made some foul shots on us and we missed a play at the end.”

The first quarter ended with BVNW trailing closely behind OE with a 10-11 score.

Senior Dalton Schoen said his team showed a lot of devotion to win the game but made too many mistakes.

“We played hard, showed some passion at some points in the game but we didn’t execute enough to win the game,” Schoen said.

Letting OE gain a slightly bigger lead, the score went up 20-23, with BVNW behind by three.

This game ended the season for the boys varsity basketball team. Fritz said the team struggled throughout the season with injuries but he expects it to be much better next year.

“We struggled; [we are] not used to struggling as much as we have,” Fritz said. “We had a lot of bad breaks, a lot of injuries so we’re going to do all we can to get better.”

Schoen said the season was not as good as the team had hoped. He said they had a lot of talent but could not play together enough.

The team managed to work together enough to bring the OE lead to only one point ahead. The score of the end of the third quarter was 31-32. BVNW was ultimately defeated by OE 46-54.

“We know we had enough talent to do way better but we didn’t play together enough, Schoen said. “We didn’t follow the game plan enough and just sucks to see it end this way because we know we’re a better team than this.”