Boys varsity soccer defeated by Washburn Rural in state semifinal

Morgan Lewis, Writer

In a hard-fought match against Washburn Rural, the BVNW boys varsity soccer team was defeated in the state semifinal game.

The first half was uneventful with no goals scored, but many attempts. With only 13:23 left in the second half, Washburn scored. After that goal, BVNW pushed even harder to make up for the mistake. In the end, it wasn’t enough and the boys left the field without a victory.

Head coach Rick Pribyl said the team did well in many aspects, but soccer is a crazy game. There were small unteachable things that could have changed the outcome.

“It’s a crazy game and sometimes the ball takes crazy bounces,” Pribyl said. “Half step here, half step there and it would have been a whole different thing.”

Senior captain Sam Glass said the team played as hard as they could. The game does not always work in the team’s favor.

“We came out and we busted our butts and played as hard as we could,” Glass said. “Sometimes one thing doesn’t go your way. We worked hard and did everything we could, it just didn’t turn out the way we wanted it.”

After this loss, Pribyl said the boys should be fine and ready to play for third.

“Consolation games are kind of cruel,” Pribyl said. “Both Wichita East and us just lost the chance to play in the State championship so it’s tough to come back the next day. These kids are game-risen and I think they’ll be fine.”

The BVNW boys varsity soccer team plays Wichita East Saturday, November 8 for third place.

“Love these guys,” Glass said. “One of the best teams I’ve ever been apart of. We fought from the beginning. We had our ups and downs, that’s for sure, but it’s too bad it’s come to a close right now.”