Boys varsity soccer advances to state finals

Morgan Lewis, Writer

After battling against the Olathe South Falcons in the quarter finals, the BVNW boys varsity soccer team came out with a victory of 4-2 and a trip to state in Topeka.

A rough goal against BVNW started out the first half, followed later by another goal scored by junior Andrew Binder. The second half was more intense, with four goals scored. The Falcons scored only one goal while senior Danny Alter, junior Jordan Stenberg and junior Peyton Brown pulled BVNW into the lead. Soon after, the buzzer sounded and BVNW defeated Olathe South 4-2.

Head coach Rick Pribyl said the midfielders were a main component of the game. However, the other team deserved credit for how well they performed.

“[The midfielders] are the heart and soul of our team,” Pribyl said. “Give credit to the other team. This is the second time we’ve played them this season and the first time was a tie.”

Senior Danny Alter thought the game went well, even if the beginning wasn’t as good as he had hoped.

“Honestly, I think we out-possessed them but they had that first lucky goal which set us back.” Alter said.

Alter said they needed to work on giving up fluke goals, but Pribyl thought the skills needed some touching up.

“We really didn’t play our game like we normally do,” Pribyl said. “We’ve got two more practices and we’ll improve what we did passing-wise and touch-wise.”

The team will advance to state finals on November 7 in Topeka.

“We picked it up and came together as a team to finish them off,” Alter said.