All in


Morgan Lewis, Sports Coordinator

We’ve all seen them. The person who joins a club, an activity, a sport, even school, and just sits. They do not try, they do not give their best, they just coast. By coasting, they are not only hurting themselves, but also sometimes those around them.

When I go to volleyball workouts, I see girls who drop their knees during planks or don’t complete all their reps whenever the coach isn’t looking. I see people leave during band to get warm in the bathroom while everyone else freezes outside. I see people go around a wall and walk when they are supposed to be running because others can’t see them. People are selfish when they do this. They are looking out for themselves, and sometimes the rest of the team has to start over because of them. This could, in the long run, knock a score down from a one to a two in band, or result in the loss of a critical game to place well in a tournament. These behaviors stop us from getting what we want because we aren’t working hard enough to deserve it.

Sports are a huge part of my life, so naturally that’s something I care the most about. I wish I didn’t have to see someone slacking off in sports – but even I’m guilty of it myself. We all have those days where we feel like we can’t give everything we have, but it doesn’t make it right. It’s hard to give 100 percent when you’re hurting, but it is what we should strive to do. When someone does not try, it hurts their team that wants to get better. Even the slightest bit of effort, such as hustling to a spot, can do so much. I have seen people break down to the point of tears, to the point of throwing up; but they still keep going. That is what it looks like to give 100 percent to something you love.

School can present a similar situation. If someone talks the whole time without paying attention, only to not take notes and copy homework, they bring down the class averages on tests and distract others from learning. They take away from themselves too, by not learning the material and allowing their grades and even their future to slip away. They hurt their classmates who want to learn without distractions. Not everyone has to enjoy school, but at least try when you are required to be there. While in, go all in.

Without reaching a limit, are you really giving your all? The answer is simply no. If putting in half the effort is all you are satisfied with, life may be harder for you than for people who give it their all. People, such as coaches, teachers, classmates and parents will push you to do your best to help you succeed in life. If you cannot go all in for your activity, pick something you love more and give it your best. Even if you fail, you can say you gave it your all and actually mean it. Things don’t always go the way you wish, but it always feels better to succeed by doing your best than to succeed by putting in half the effort.