Marching band will head to Madrid, Spain in 2015

Cara Brashears, Online Editor

The 2014-2015 Howlin’ Husky Marching Band and Dazzler dance team will head to Madrid, Spain to perform at the Cabalgata de Reyes festival in early 2015. According to band director John Selzer, the event, attended by nearly two million people, celebrates the twelfth day of Christmas with an elaborate parade through the heart of the city on Jan. 5.

“I’m busting at the seams,” Selzer said. “I’m absolutely thrilled. I’m very excited about what’s going to go on between now and then, and on the night of Jan. 5, 2015.”


He said the event overall is organized by the Cultural Department of the City of Madrid, and then the Youth Music of the World organization goes on to nominate only two American marching bands to perform in the parade. Selzer said the band has a very long and good history with the Youth Music of the World, and the organization is familiar with who they are.  The mayor of Madrid and the director of the Cultural Department issued the official invitation.

“I’m just so excited for an international trip, and the whole experience itself,” assistant band director Adam Lundine said. “I still remember my own trip when I was in high school. It’s something you will never forget.”