‘Murica Monday

A highlight of the first day of spirit week festivities.

Flags and spirits were flying high as Spirit Week kicked off with a USA theme Monday Oct. 7th.  The freshmen did not have a spirit dance, but the sophomores, juniors and seniors all displayed their spirit during various American-themed skits. Freshman Kara Pascarella said the skits were very interesting, especially because she was participating in Spirit Week festivities for the first time.

“[The dances] were really funny, it’s a definitely a different experience,” Pascarella said.

The first dance, sophomores, had an America’s got Talent theme, featuring Larry the Cable Guy among other characters. However, the sophomores made a remark about the freshmen not having a dance and were disqualified. Junior Alison Griffin said she thought they shouldn’t have been disqualified because their comment wasn’t very offensive.

“I understand that its not okay to make fun of other groups,” Griffin said. “People have made jokes like that in the past [without being disqualified], especially on class color day.”

Pascarella agreed, she said she thought the freshmen deserved it because they didn’t have a dance. Freshmen were still involved though; the juniors included the freshman audience in their Miss America themed skit. The dances concluded with the seniors, who showcased different points in American history, including the Lewis and Clark expeditions, the moon landing and a presidential smack down.

“I thought the seniors’ skit was the best,” Griffin said. “It was creative and they actually had good dances.”

Looking forward to the skits tomorrow, Griffin said she is excited to see what each class does with their appointed theme. Freshmen are Grey’s Anatomy, sophomores are Full House, juniors are Spongebob, and seniors are Duck Dynasty. Points will be tallied by the end of the day, homecoming tickets will be sold all week, and the dances – and spirit – will keep on coming.

“I love watching our school bond and have fun together,” Griffin said. “The dances were a blast.”

Click here to watch the seniors’ America Day spirit dance

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