The official student media of Blue Valley Northwest High School


The official student media of Blue Valley Northwest High School


The official student media of Blue Valley Northwest High School


Digital illustration depicting the toxicity that can come with fandoms and social media.

Your fandom is making you sick

Lizzie Lively, Opinions Editor December 19, 2022

I enjoy being a part of an online fan culture, seeing different cosplayers’ takes on certain characters and reading fan theories. Enjoying media is fun and being a part of a community that enjoys it...

Digital illustration depicting two marginalized groups playing tug-of-war.

Why are we fighting each other?

Harper Latta, Writer December 19, 2022

The Oppression Olympics are an event in which no one should ever be winning the gold, silver or bronze. The Oppression Olympics, a term first coined in 1993 by Elizabeth Martinez, is a useless charade...

Digital illustration representing the benefit privilege plays in certain situations.

Acknowledge your privilege

Shahd Abdeljalil, Photographer November 4, 2022

Recently, it was deemed unsafe for me to go to a friend’s house because of Islamophobic things her mother had said. The fact that people have the will to presume that I hate America, and discriminate...

I cant sit still

I can’t sit still

Anna Bailey, Print Editor September 29, 2022

When I am working on my homework, getting up for a bit and taking a walk helps clear my brain so I can be more productive.  I am neurodivergent, specifically, I have been diagnosed with attention-deficit-hyperactivity...

The disgusting truth

The disgusting truth

Quinn Brown, Writer August 20, 2022

Last year, when I made the long trek across the Commons after lunch, I vividly remember stepping on half-used ketchup packets and ruining my converse. I looked down and saw other condiments, bread, utensils,...

An untold message from Ukraine

An untold message from Ukraine

Elizabeth Caine, Chief Print Writer May 12, 2022

An 18-year-old boy is conscripted into war. A mother is fleeing her home with her children, leaving her husband behind to fight. A young couple,married on the day of the invasion, is now fighting for their...

The real world stinks

The real world stinks

Lucy Halverson, Editor-at-Large April 7, 2022

Sitting in the school bathroom one day, I noticed a phone on the sink receiving three snapchat notifications. I suddenly realized ‘Wait, why can I see that much detail?’ And the answer is, I really...

Digital illustration of an elephant locked in a zoo cage.

Behind bars

Alyssa Gagnon, Writer November 7, 2021

Imagine living in a cage your whole life, doing the same thing everyday over and over again. Your sole purpose in life is to look interesting for people who are paying to see you.  No, you are not...

Stay in your lane

Stay in your lane

Liz LaHood, Online Editor November 7, 2021

“Call this number and Jesus will save you.” That was the message on a billboard I noticed while driving across I-70 to St. Louis several weeks ago. The sheer number of different signs I saw that all...

Digital illustration depicting women with a variety of body types.

Social media is a scam

Julia Moser, Managing Editor October 8, 2021

Remember when you were little and you would play with your favorite Barbie doll? What was her body type? She was skinny. We viewed her as the ideal girl. We saw her as perfect, so we wanted to be her....

Digital illustration of a student surrounded by their college cost.

The Price is not right

Lindsey Farthing, Photo Editor October 8, 2021

Dear out-of-state colleges, My name is Lindsey Farthing, and I have a bone to pick with you. As a senior in high school, I am starting to apply to colleges. During this process, I have learned...

Redefining summer

Redefining summer

Raabia Qureshi, Writer December 3, 2020

Take a second to recall every transformative moment from this summer. The thousands of comments about student experiences with racism on Blue Valley’s Instagram post. The peaceful Black Lives Matter...

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