Review: FrozeN2

Writer Olivia Dowell visited FrozeN2, a new and upcoming place that serves nitrogen-frozen ice cream, frozen cookie dough, and liquid nitrogen puffs called Dragon Breath. Dowell visited the establishent at 15044 South Blackbob Road in Olathe, Kan. After trying all of the above, they are rated out of five stars.

Olivia Dowell, Writer

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Dragon Breath



If you enjoy the taste of Trix Cereal, then you will love the overall taste of Dragon Breath. However, if you were wanting to try it for the experience of the clouds of nitrogen, you will be dissatisfied. When I was first handed the cup of Dragon Breath, a huge cloud of nitrogen smoke poured out of the cup. The smoke lasted minutes before it was completely gone. As a result, the nitrogen puffs had no cold feeling at all which gave it the evident flavor of Trix Cereal. The overall taste was OK but not worth the $6.00. My unsatisfied taste buds led me back to the counter for more nitrogen reviving the immense cloud of nitrogen smoke. I then was able to experience the cold feeling of the dragon breath, yet again they lost their flavor as the nitrogen dispersed.

Nitrogen Ice Cream with the mix-ins of Oreo and White Chocolate Chips



After the letdown of Dragon Breath, I was incredibly pleased with the the ice cream. The first step is to choose one flavor out of the thirty two flavors offered.  Next, select two mix-ins ranging anywhere from your favorite candy bar to fruit. I was pleasantly surprised by the great flavor and regular ice cream taste with it being made from nitrogen. The mix-ins were blended in perfectly, which complimented the flavor of the ice cream. The ice cream itself was soft and not as hard as I originally thought it would be.  Overall, the N2 ice cream is the best choice to order with many ways to customize the flavors and mix-ins.

Frozen Cookie Dough with toppings of Rainbow Sprinkles and Dark Chocolate Chips



The process for ordering cookie dough is similar to ordering the N2 ice cream. There are six kinds of cookie dough to choose from, even offering a vegan version as well as the option of adding two toppings. The cookie dough itself tasted amazing and it exceeded my original expectations. However, since it was frozen, it was difficult to eat with a spoon. Personally, I felt like the toppings were a bit of an overload. With this being my first time eating edible cookie dough, I would recommend it next to the ice cream.